Thursday, 31 December 2015

Dear Jenni 2016

   I have to admit I saw Jemma from Dorkface do this post at the beginning of the year and then her recap post a week or so ago. I thought it was a good idea, so I decided to do, a to me post for 2016.
You should all go and visit Jemma's blog it is amaing!

2015 is quickly coming to an end and that means for me, looking at the year ahead. I use to set myself unrealistic new years resolutions, or I would make too many, that I just couldn't keep up.  2016 is more about setting goals, and ones that I would keep and are realistic. In the past I would say, no more junk food and I would fail, when really I should of said to monitor the amount of junk and not to eat a lot of it. Anyway, I'm rambling.

As I type this, we are three days away from 1st January and i'm writing this post, purely for my own benefit. I want to look back at this post a year from now and see how my goals have worked for me, if I stick to any of them and to see how my life has changed. This is technically a letter to my future self.

So, without further ado, here are my goals...

1. Be more healthy with your body
You only have one body, treat it with care and it will do you good. From July 2015 you were doing so well with exercising and eating a balanced diet. But since your honeymoon you lost control. You ate complete junk! you put on 60 pounds in 5 months! you didn't exercise or eat balanced meals. You ate no veg or fruit and now you are complaining your body hurts and feels uncomfortable.

So to clear the slate 2016 is going to be much more balanced, you are going to eat well, workout and take back control of your weight and life.

2. Get out of your comfort zone
At this moment in time you hate your current job. You would much prefer to be your own boss. You already have your own business which is doing well and you have a blog. But, you need to get out of your comfort zone and do things for your business and blog that scare you. You need to take more risks and not emotionally attach yourself to things. If people don't like what you do, who cares? this is for you. This is for what you want in YOUR life. Yes, it will be hard at times, that's the point. Go out there and get what you deserve.

3. Be Happy
2015 has been a rollercoaster of emotions.The first 7 months of the year, you were so happy. You were getting married, you had appointments and you made plans. Since August you have been unhappy. See point 1 above. You made no plans (not even for your 30th birthday) all you have thought about is how unhappy you are in your job, how tired you are after every shift. You count down the days to your next day off and cry every time work phones to call you in to do a 12hr shift, on top of another 12hr shift.

You are the only one who can change this. 2016 is the year to gain back your happiness. Plan things to do, book days off to go somewhere different. Plan your 1 year anniversary. Do things that make you happy and plan how you are going to change your career. This in turn will make you happy and motivated.

4. Become self employed
All of the points above will help you with this huge goal. This is your dream, go for it. Take risks and see what happens.

I will end this post here. These are the main points I desperately want to change for next year. All I can hope is that, the future Jenni will read this at the end of 2016 and tick everything off. I want to look back and say, yes I was heading towards a very dark place. But, I changed it. I took the leap and I talked to myself and I did it.

Here's to 2016 and good luck

Jenni xo


Thursday, 24 December 2015

What Christmas Means to me

This is it! Last Minute running around, gathering things we have forgotten. Wrapping gifts, while watching films and drinking warm cosey drinks. Baking and or cooking food in preparation for tomorrow. Most of us have finished EVERYTHING! and are just enjoying ourselves, or are at work and will be for the next two days or rest of the holidays. I wanted to do a light and easy to read post for the last day of blogmas. 

Christmas has so many different meanings for so many different people and I just wanted to share with you all what Christmas means to me...

For along time since I could remember, christmas holds a special place in my heart. I love the feeling of feeling christmassy. I love the lead up to it in December, the films, going shopping and having a look at all the different houses decorated and lit up in multi-coloured lights and animated signs, santa and or reindeer. I love it!!!

To me, Christmas doesn't mean presents, I don't get excited for them. Sure, I used to as a little girl. But growing up, it has taken a whole new meaning. I love spending time with my family, whether thats watching a film, playing a board game (yes that's what we do), or filling our faces with food. Recieving presents is just an added bonus. 
Since leaving home eight years ago, I carried on the tradition. I'm not a very materialistic kind of gal. Sure I have my wish lists and items i'm desperate for, but I want to buy those for myself or if I do end up recieving an item for that list, then it's a kind gesture, and very sneaky of the person for looking at my list (I know you're reading this dear husband).  I don't expect for anyone to go out and buy me something I've longed for. To me that's not what Christmas is all about.

I feel kind of cheesy saying this but Christmas is family time. I get super excited at the amount of food i'm about to demolish and I don't care if I feel sick afterwards. I love monging out in front of the tv and watching the Christmas Tv listings while eating more food and drinking hot chocolate or Baileys. I enjoy playing games, usually Manopoly (I am very competative). 

This is what Christmas means to me. So as the big days, edges closer, I want to say have a fun-filled and joyus day. 

Happy Holidays To All My Followers and Readers 


Sunday, 13 December 2015

Get To Know Me... Beauty Blogger Tag!

Morning Everyone! Last week I was nominated by the gorgeous Hannah, from LoveHannahxx to do the 'Get To Know Me' Tag. Don't forget to check out Hannah's amazing Blog!

So, here we go...

Question 1. Is Your Hair Naturally Straight or Curly?
Hmm, my hair used to be dead straight when I was growing up. But, in the past five years it has gone, kind of wavey. Which I'm not complaining. It used to take me ages to get those beach look waves. now it just happens!

Question 2. Do You Dye it yourself, or go to a Salon?
I haven't coloured my hair for over six years. But, when I do, I do it myself. However, if I do decided to dye my hair again, I think I will go to a salon. 

Question 3. Do You Wear The Same Style Everyday, Or Do You Change It?
I do wear the same style everyday. I work full time in a nursing home, so my hair has to be up in a ponytail. I have two days off a week and those are the days I wear it down. 

Question 4. How Long Does It Take For You To Put Your Makeup On?
It depends, if i'm working then it would take me about 15 minutes. On my days off, 30 minutes and if i'm going out for the night, 1 hr depending on what look I want. 

Question 5. What Do You Do First? Eyes or Face?
Face! I always start with my face, so that I don't miss anywhere with concealer and foundation. I have tried starting with my eyes before and that didn't go down too well. 

Question 6. Do You Collect Makeup, Or Just Buy As And When You Need It?
Both. If I see something I love, such as a palette or lipstick then I would buy it. It's more interesting then buying what I need all the time. However, I use all the makeup I buy and never keep something if it has gone past its best before date.

Question 7. How Often Do You Wear False Eyelashes?
Never. One, I can't put them on and Two, if I do manage to put them on they look ridiculous! Plus, I can't be dealing with glue and mess. I wear 3D Mascara which is basically better than false eyelashes and makes your lashes longer and thicker and you don't need glue! which means no mess. haha,  I purchase that online at

Question 8. What Are Your Current Everyday Staples?
Skincare wise, I switch day to day, from Younqiue's Clean face wash and Dermalogica's cleanse and scrub. I finish with Dermalogicas moisturiser. 

Makeup wise, I love Benefits POREfessional primer and I use that everyday, as well as my Younique liquid Touch foundation and concealer. It gives you that flawless complexion, that I LOVE. I also team it with the touch powder. (These can be purchaed online at I ALWAYS use liquid eyeliner on my top lid and my 3D Mascara.

Question 9. Do You Wear Makeup When You're Home Alone, or With Family?
Sometimes, If I know i'm not going anywhere then I don't put any on.

Question 10. How Many High End Products Do You Have?
All my makeup is high end. I either use Benefit or Younqiue. I do sometimes, shop in drugstores for makeup. However, my second job is selling Makeup (Younique - - shameless plug :P ) which is highend and is mineral based and animal cruelty free.

Question 11. Do You Plan your OOTD The Night Before, or Decide When You're Getting Ready?
When I'm Getting Ready. I change my mind so frequently on what I want to wear. It's better for me to choose on the day. However, If I'm going out to a party then I would plan a few days before. 

Qustion 12. How Often Do You Change Your Handbag?
Once a year or two? I'm not a massive handbag lover, so when the bag I have starts to break or looks like it has seen better days then I will change it. 

Question 13. How Often, Or When Do You Work Out?
A few months ago I would workout 5 times a day. At the moment it's none. But, that will soon change.

Question 14. Left Or Right Handed? 
I'm Right Handed! 

Question 15. How Tall Are You?
5ft 6in or 170cm

Question 16. Do You Speak Any Foreign Languages?
I can speak very little Spanish. Enough to survive if I get lost in a Spanish speaking Country. 

Qustion 17. Sweet Or Savoury?
I'm a sweet person hands down! I can and will eat every sweet thing put in front of me. My sweet tooth is massive! Doughnuts are my fave.

Question 18. What's Your Favourite Perfume?
My favourite is Next Cashmere perfume. I'm not rich enough to buy perfume. But I do love the scent of Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream. 

Question 19. How Many Pets Do You Have?
I have two Dogs. A girl (Dizzy on the right) and a boy (Bruno on the left) and they are both Staffordshire Bull Terriors. 


Question 20. Do You Read Comments Posted On Blogs?
I do. I read both on my blog and other peoples. I love to know what other people think. 

Question 21. Do You Keep A List Of Other Products To Try When You See Other Posts?
Sometimes, If I like the sound of a product and It will benefit my skin or whatnot. Then I will list it.

Question 22. How Did You Come Up With Your Blog Name?
Well, my name is Jenni anyway so the first part of it was easy. My married name didn't sound right for a blog, neither did my maiden name. So I chose Belle. Because I love the word. It sounds pretty and also one of my favourite Disney charaters is Belle, she loves books and so do I. So Jenni Belle was created. Also, My makeup bussiness is called Glamour Lash Belles. And everytime someone joins my company I call them Belles, so it's in keep with everything.


Question 23. What Kind Of Camera Do You Use For Your Photos?
I use my iPhone 6s Plus. I would love a Canon but I can't afford one of those at the moment. 

Question 24. What's Your Favourite Colour?
I don't have just one favourite colour. I love all colours but I ususally lean towards pastels such as pinks, purples, oranges, greens. 

Question 25. Do You Swear?
I'm not going to lie, but yes I do. I only swear if i'm angry or i've hurt myself. My husband does tell me off for it too.

Question 26. What Are You Doing With The Rest Of Your Day?
As I write this post, it's Monday morning and so, I have to go to work at 1pm. So I would just relax and catch up on YouTube videos in the meantime. 

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post. Feel free to comment below, I do read comments haha. I hope everyone has a good day.

Jenni xo

I nominate...

Becca Marie - Becca Marie
Jemma - Dorkface 


Monday, 7 December 2015

Last Minute Gift Ideas For Her


So, it's eighteen days until Christmas!!! I say this casually, but deep down alarm bells are ringing because at this point in time, I have done nothing to contribute for it. Instead I would rather help my fellow readers out, on last minute gift ideas.

For Her

Under £20

- Books

• Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccetric Glamor by Dita Von Teese
Discover Dita's beauty secrets that have earned her a frequent spot on international best dressed lists and high profile fashion show rosters. This book takes yo through every step of Dita's glamour arsenal, includes her friends - masters in makeyp, hair, medicine, and exercise.

This Book is packed with helpful advise, tips and tricks for anyone wanting to look as good as Dita.
£17 from

• Face Paint: The Story of Makeup by Lisa Eldridge
This is the first book by Makeup guru and YouTuber Lisa Eldridge. Face Paint takes you through history and tells you stories of how and why the items in yor makeup bag got to be there. This book is filled with beautiful paintings and illstrations and some awesome iconic photography.
£15.19 from

- Beauty and Skincare


• Benefits - Goodies - a go go kit
The kit includes 4 gorgeous longwear powder shadows (Call my bluff, thanks a latte, gilty pleasure and kiss me, i'm tipsy) and a stay-put eye primer (stay don't stray, mini in light/medium). Plus the famous lengthening they're real! mascara is included. This kit is for anyone who loves eye-makeup and is looking for something different. This gorgeous eye kit also comes presented in a collectable tin.
It also comes with a tips and tricks booklet. 
£19.50 from any Benefits store, counter or website

• The Body Shop - Moringa Festive Picks 
This gorgeos 'feel so good' printed box set is the perfet gift this christmas. This box contains a selection of delicate moringa-scented goodies.
The box includes. 
-Shower gel 250ml
-Body Butter 50ml
-Body Scru 50ml
-Moringa Soap 100g
-Cream mini bath lily

Also this specially selected gift = 1 day of safe water for a family in Ethiopia! How thoughtful can you get at this time of year?
£18 from The Body Shop 

£20 - £40

• Liz Earle - Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser in Limited Edition Pink Pepper and Mint
This is so on my wishlist for christmas. This is so lovely for anyone who is looking for luxury skincare at affordable prices. Your skin litteraly feels so refreshed and clearer looking after using this. It's also suitable for all skin types. Comes in beautiful packaging. 
£20.75 from

Over £40

• Jo Malone - Bath and Body Collection
This is another item off my wishlist. This has everything you need to have a luxury pamper from head to toe! This set includes
- Orange Blossom Body Creme 50ml
- Blackberry and Bay Bath Soap 50g
- Lime Basil and Mandarine shower oil 100ml
£48 from

What are you getting your girlfriends, friends, mum and or nan for Christmas?

Jenni xo

Top picture taken from Pinterest.
Other pictures show taken from websites mentioned in the paragraph beneath.

Motivation Monday Week 3


Good Morning Everyone, are you ready for today, this week or this month? As we get nearer to Christmas this time of year can be stressful. It does't have to be. So if you jump out of bed with a smile and think about the good points of the day ahead, then you will disperse all that negativity out of the day. Remember, negativity breeds negativity. Positivity breeds positivity. 

Have a super Monday and a fantastic week.

Jenni xo 

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Favourite Blog Of The Month

When I launched my blog at the start of October, I had no idea how much I would enjoy it! It's so much fun planning out what you are going to blog about, finding props to feature in your photos and creating ideas for photography. I've been reading a lot of blogs and following blogs for months before creating my own and I thought it would be a good blog post idea, to feature blogs and bloggers that made me decided to start my own. Also I just want to share how awsome they all are.

So my first blogger of the month (November) is Hayley Rubery, I particularly love the way her writing flows, and get straight to the point of what she is blogging about. Her blog; Frock Me Im Famous is full with helpful tips for bloggers, Christmas Gift Guides, Outfit of the day posts and so much more, I can go on and on! 


I particularly loved her '17 Things You'll Understand If You've Travelled Thailand' post, as I have been all over the country and its islands. It was something I could connect to. There is always something to relate to on Hayleys blog. Her pictures are stunning also, I love how clear and fresh they look and Its something I'm always trying to perfect. 



So, if you haven't already, I think you should go and check out her blog right now!

                                                  Who's your favourite blogger?

Jenni xo

All pictures belong and have come from Hayley - Frock Me Im Famous.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Favourite Christmas Songs


It's the second of Decemer which means I personally find it acceptable to start listening to Christmas music. Sure, we have been subjected to Christmas songs since October, but that's only in shops and on TV, and I know some of you sang along to them. What I mean is, we now don't have hide our joy any longer! We can now turn up the music, so to speak on any device. Aka through your earphones or your speakers, on loud and throughout your house without feeling guilty, yay! 
I even go as far as creating a playlist on my phone and I end up having a 100 songs on it! Don't worry I won't list them all. Today I am only going to list my top 10. Some of them you may find quite ridiculous, so you have been warned.

10. Lonely This Christmas - Mud
  9. Mr Hanky The Christmas Poo - Mr Hanky
  8. Last Christmas - Wham!
  7. Santa Baby - Kylie Minogue
  6. Merry Christmas Everyone - Shakin' Stevens
  5. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Sam Smith
  4. All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey
  3. Merry Xmas Everybody - Slade
  2. Warm This Winter - Gabriella Cilmi
  1. Fairytale of New York - The Pouges

This is just a little taster of what I like to listen to at Christmas and there are plenty of more songs!

What is your favourite Christmas song?

Jenni xo

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

November Reads


I thought I would do a seperate post for what I loved reading this month.
Lets get to it...

1. #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso


Now, some of you may or maynot be aware that I own my own makeup and skincare business. With any business you need to practise and read up on self development. That's when I came across this jem of a book. #GIRLBOSS is all about CEO of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso and how she can help you seek a unique path to sucess. It's kind of like a self-help book, but not at the same time. You read stories about Sophia which lead up to her sucess with her business. Amongst the hilerious stories from behind the scenes. There are some very help tips, as well as some startling wakeup calls. 

This book is a must have for all entrepranuers seeking success with their business or finding success in whatever you love doing. It proves that success doesn't come from where you went to college or how popular you were in school. Success is about trusting your instincts and following your gut, knowing which rules to follow and which to break. 

A must read!

2. Girl Code by Cara Alwill Leyba


Another must read! I am all about the self development this month, ha! So this one has had everyone talking about it. I've seen alot of bloggers and fellow team members reading this one and I have to say, get it now!

Girl Code is similar to #Girlboss but different all together. It's written through the eyes of the author (Cara), founder of the Champagne diet and a certifed Master Life Coach. Girl Code is a map for female entrepreneurs, professional women, 'side hustlers' (those with a day job who are building a business on the side, like moi), and any one inbetween who wants to become a better woman. 

This book is not a step by step guide and will not teach you how to build a multimillion pound business. But, it will teach you how to build confidence in yourself, reconnect with your 'why,' eradicate  jealousy, and ultimately learn the power of connection. This book it rammed with advice and tips. Cara also interviews well known business women and there are spaces to jot down your thoughts.

Highly recommend reading this one. 

3. Blogosphere.


Now this is not a book, so to speak. It's more like a magazine but one with high quality advice. It's bascially a magazine for bloggers by bloggers and is full with adive on how to behave at events, tips on advertsing and how to find your blogging niche. Plus it's full of interviews with fellow bloggers and secontions on food, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, travel and photograghy. 

It's a great magazine to have and looks amazing on your coffee table. Costs £4 (plus £1.75 for P&P) and you get it next day delivery if you purchase before 3pm. You can get your copy from

what's your monthly read?

Jenni xo 

Monday, 30 November 2015

Motivation Monday Week 2

Good Morning! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Here is Motivational Monday to get you in the mood.

I love this quote. It reminds me of just how small my problems are. Whenever I find myself moaning about this and that, I stop and think about how pathetic it sounds. That everyone struggles with something and I'm not the only one. So remember, everyone around us (even if they don't show it) is struggling with something big or small. Lend an ear to someone and listen to their struggles. They might return the favour and both of you will feel much better, once you aired your problems. 

Jenni xo


Saturday, 28 November 2015

November Favourites

How is it the end of Novemeber? Soon Christmas will be upon us, and I'm so not prepared!
Anyway it's that exciting time, when I share with you all, what my jam is this month.



1. Benefits POREfessional primer

I am not new to this product I have been using this for just over a year! I have extremely oily skin and so I am very skeptical when products mention they are great for people with oily skin and large pores. I can genuinely say, this works! I don't want to sound gross, but this primer contains the oilliness all day without having to touch up my makeup, and that is a BIG deal in my books. It goes on so smoothly, you only need a tiny bit (size of a pea) and it goes along way.I have tried and tested alot of primers over the years but non have come close to this one. It's a bit pricey but in my opinion and with skin this oily it's worth it. 

The 22.0mL tube retails at £24.50 but if you go to boots, at the moment they are selling the 7.5mL Tube for £9.99 I purchased the 7.5ml and this lasts me a couple of months. 

2. Tangle Teezer

Yes, i'm late jumping on to this band wagon. But in previous months I couldn't justify spending £12.99 on a small brush. That was until I was in Boots and noticed they had an offer if you used your addvantage card you will get the tangle teezer for £10.99! I know it's not much difference in price but I went fo it and I wish I brought it sooner. I have long, thick hair and it's always getting knotty, especially after I wash my hair! This is like a dream when I use it. It glides so easily through my hair and gets rid of all those pesky knots! I love it. My only regret it not biting the bullet and getting it sooner. 

3. Lush's Bubblegum Lip Scrub

My lips have been getting so dry lately, with all this cold weather! They neede a good scrub. Now, I looked everywhere for a scrub and no where sold one. Until I was recommended by a fellow blogger to try lush's lip scrub. So I immediatly rushed out and had a look. Lush has quite a range of scrubs at the moment; A Santa one (Cola flavoured) Popcorn flavour and a Bubblegum flavoured one. I went for the latter. 
After a few days, It did the job perfectly. My lips are a lot smoother and the dry, dead skin has gone. I now use it everyother day to stay on top. The flavour is scrummy, sweet and I have to stop myself from eating it straight out the pot.

Lush's Lip Scrubs retail at £5.50 a pot

4. American Horror story, seasons 1 and 2 (Netflix)

How did I miss this series when it was first aired? I have heard of AHS but I didn't take much notice of it. Why not? I have no idea! This programme is right up my alley, I love watching horror films and this was scary in parts. I still wouldn't recommend watching it on your own. I won't say to much for those of you who want to check it out. But, every season is different from the last, but with the same cast. Interesting.

The first season is about a murder house, whereas the second season is all about an Asylum. I am half way through season 3. This one is all about witches. There are two more seasons and you can watch them all on Netflix.

5. Music play a big part of my life and i'm always listeninng to it either when blogging, out walking or working out. Here are my favourites this month.

• Sax and Breakfast both by Fleur East
• Kiss Me by Olly Murs
• Peanut Butter Jelly by Galantis
• Shine by Years & Years
• Love Me by The 1975

6. My New Dr Martens boots! I am so in love with them. You can read my review on them below. 

This pretty much sums up my favourites for this month! I do have a monthly favourite reads which I will do a seperate post for.

What has been your monthly favourites? 
Have you tried or seen any of my favourites? 

Jenni xo


Monday, 23 November 2015

Dr Martens Aimilita Triumph Boot | Review

Autumn has made itself at home and it's time to dig out your autum/winter wear or failing that, just go shopping for some new threads! For me, this time of year means I go in search for the perfect boots, that will last.

I am quite fussy when it comes to boots. I like to be stylish, yet have my own style. If I see people wearing the same boots then I stear well clear. So, I couldn't believe my luck when I came across the Dr. Martens, Aimilita boot sitting pretty on top shelf in store. Sure, they are expensive, but I was willing to pay more money for something that's going to last me for years and that has a lifetime guarantee! 

It took me a month to grit my teeth and bite the bullet. My dear husband convinced me into purchasing them as I have a sciatic nerve inury that shows its ugly face whenever it starts getting cold and didn't want me to suffer this year. Plus, the shoes I had on my feet were £20 and making me walk on the sides of my feet (like fake uggs do to you). I swear I could hear those boots breaking as I walked up to the tills to pay for these angels. My husband in the end purchased them for me as a surprise present for my 30th which was two days away, bless him and it was the perfect present.



The Aimilita is a biker inspired boot from the early 1950's and also has a bufflo style influence. The 9-eye gold toe cap boot uses a D ring at the rear of the ankle so you can fold down the sides and comes with two different style laces! (how awsome is that?) Brown ribbon and your normal waxed laces. 

When I first tried these on back in October I felt like I was walking on air. Perfect, seeing that they have an air-cushioned sole. They are so comfortable that I even sighed with relief! I've never done that when trying footwear on before. But, seriously I felt that my feet were being supported, nothing was rubbing and because the sizes come up a little bigger I was a 7 instead of an 8, fantastic! 

I recently spent a day in London walking around and I wore these. They didn't rub at all and I worethick  socks with them. Usually after a day out in London my feet are sore and with blisters to match, but with these I had no trouble and my feet thanked me for it.

Made with polished wyoming leather, the Aimilita boot comes in either black or dark brown and has tweed style material inside (I have seen other colours and designs on google). The cost of these amazing boots are £130 and they also feature on their website 

These are perfect for revamping your style. You can fold down the sides and or tongue however you like. tie the laces whichever way, on top, inside, over the tongue or under it. there is no right or wrong way. 


I love how versatile this boot is. It's like a hundred different looks with one pair. It's great when you want to create a different look everytime. I have no fault with these. I could wear them 24/7 and I wouldn't know that I had anything on my feet. 


Retails at £130 from Dr Martens store. I brought them from the Milton Keynes, UK branch. You can also purcase from the website and search Aimilita Triumph Boot and it's the £130 option. 

I hope this post helps anyone who is looking to purchase a long-lasting and comfy pair of boots, or for someone unable to decide if these are the pair for them. 

Have you found your perfect autumn/winter boots yet?

Jenni xo


Motivation Monday Week 1

We all need motivation in the mornings, more so on Monday mornings. The feeling of where did my weekend go! is high and the grog of dragging yourself up in the morning is depressing. So, this is my get up and go for you. I am doing a Motivation Monday series, where I share my favourite quotes that inspire me in the mornings and I hope will do the same for you.

I am a great believer in 'things happen for a reason'. I was always told this as a little girl if things didn't  go my way and it's true. Throughout our daily lives we make choices that take us along different paths, some good and some bad. Try and focus on what you want, how to get it and what path to take. Before deciding on something, think about what the outcome might be and if you can't then that's when your decision becomes a risk and it's either flight or fight which is what makes us stronger either way. 

So, remember if you didn't get that promotion, job, outfit or whatever! Things happen for a reason, something better is coming for you. So in the mean time, chin up, smile, laugh and enjoy life. x 


Friday, 20 November 2015

6 Things That Make Me Happy


Amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life is us, you. In todays world we are constantly hooked up on some sort of technology, be it our phones, computers, or television. Our mind is never truly at rest until we go to sleep. I am an avid internet dweller, I put my hands up to that. However, I have been addicted to the worldwide web since I was introduced to it when I was seven years old.

I am now four days away of reaching the third floor, my thirties. Now, I have been thinking about what makes me truly happy? If I asked myself this question ten years ago I would have said the internet, my laptop, television. Technology. Don't get me wrong I love technology, I love how we can chat and network with people all over the world. But, as I got older my views have somewhat changed. 

Here is six things that make me happy

1. My Husband
Cheesy as it may sound ( sick buckets at the ready), I love just hanging out with my hubby. We are both very different in personality but both as equally immature, in a sense that we act like total kids, both at home and in public. Playing pranks on each other is a must for eveyone in a relationship.

2. Long walks
I love walking and I'm not just saying that because I can't drive. I'm a keen walker and one without a phone strapped to my hand, unless i'm listening to music. I love how you can clear your mind or think about things. You always see something that you may miss if you were in a vehicle. Once I walked past a young Munt Jac grazing, it was so cute.

3. Music
Music to me is what memories ride upon. Stick a track on and i'm transported into my own little world, where nothing matters. I even sing out loud (Sorry, not sorry to all my neighbours and my husband).

4. Reading
Now, I do love a good book. I mainly read fantasy, chic lit and recently self development. I always get sucked in and for me it's like watching a movie in your head. I am made if I'm in my comfy lounge waer and with a cup of tea. My favourite book I read recently is 'The Little Flower Shop By The Sea' by Ali McNamara. 

5. Going Home
When I say 'going home', I mean going back to my folks home. Nothing compares to that feeling of returning 'home'. I love my mums cooking and I love seeing my parents as I don't get to see them often as I live in another town. There are things their that hold special memories for me and I love walking around my old stomping ground.

6. Sleep
I never thought I'd say this, but sleep makes me very happy. I have a very demanding job and after a long, stressful day. I love climbing into my huge bed with clean bedding and falling into a deep sleep. I especially love it, if I have a day off the next day and I have the pleasure of turning off all my alarms (yes, I have about 5 alarms that I hit snooze on) and getting my head down for more than six hours.

I have many things that makes me happy and this is just a little taster for you. Have a lovely Friday and I will see you soon.

                                                    What makes you happy?

                                                       Jenni oxo

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Illuminate Clear Facial Cleanser (Younique) Review -

I have always been pretty much on the fence when it comes to skincare. Sounds crazy coming from someone who suffers from extremly oily skin. As a teen I always used clearasil and the exfoliant one at that. I never used moisturier or toner and I never took my makeup off at night. Back then there was a serious lack of products for oily skin and I always felt that brands left us out. When there was something for oily skin suffers, it was always a products that had dry to oily on it and was always aimed more for the dry skin types, Nivea was a culprit of that one.

Looking back, I was very silly never to take my makeup off at night. It didn't help my skin at all. It wasn't until I started a beauty theraphy course in college at 17 and I was introduced to the  world of skincare and the ever so expensive Dermolgica products, which I loved and they catered for oily skin. I loved their Clay Cleanser,  toner and moisturiser. When I finished college I stopped using Dermologica as it is so expensive, my bank manager would have had a fit. 

It wasn't until earlier this year, June to be exact that I decided to treat myself and my skin. Well, I was getting married in July and I wanted my skin to behave itself and not over produce sebum (YUCK!) So once again, 12 years later,  I ordered myself the travel kit for oily skin as you get five products for £26, but they are sample size and last only a month. I loved it and it made my skin perfect for my big day. However my purse didn't. I continued to use Dermologica until August, that's when the world of Younique was opened up to me and they fully supported and catered for all skin types, including oily skin. 

So a month a go I decided to give their Illuminate Clear Facial Cleanser a go. They have two cleansers; Clean is for dry, normal and combination skin and the Clear, is for oily skin. 
Made with Garden Chrysanthemum, Aloe Vera and Licorice Root. It smells absolutly devine, you can clearly smell the gorgeous floral Chrysanthemum. 

The colour of the cleanser looks like clay or licorice and the texture is smooth and creamy. It's easy to apply on to damp skin and easy to wash off with warm water. 

My Thoughts... Overall I absolutley love this product. For someone who suffers from extremly oily skin this is a dream to use. I don't break out in oiliness ten minutes after I washed my face, it keeps it locked up all day. My face feels smooth, looks clean and minmises the pores.

The cleaners are made up of all natural ingrediants and it makes my face feel fresh, clean and ready to take on the world. The best bit is that a little bit (pea size) goes along way! I've been using this for almost two months and I haven't even reached half way down the tube. 


I also love the sleek, design of the packaging looks very proffesional and tidy. It looks great in my bathroom on the shelf (crazy, I know!). It's totally worth the £30 and you get 100ml 

I would seriously recommend this product for oily skin types. I wouldn't be without mine.


Monday, 19 October 2015

Younique Autumn look

  It's that time of year again! Autumn is a time where you can get out your knitwear, drink hot beverages and feel all cosy when it's cold, wet and windy outside. Autumn is my favourite season and i love experimenting with my makeup to get that Autumn look.

This year it's all about the new Younique range. Their 'Addiction' palettes are to die for! There are three palettes to choose from, all with amazingly high pigmented colours. I have palette 3 and it has those gorgeous colours, perfect for this time of year, bronzes and purples. The colours last all day with no touch ups needed and they blend beautifully. I even use them on my cheeks just to match my eyes.

Next, is Younique's lipsticks. I am in love with these! They are so moisturising and long lasting. There are 15 shades and the ones i have picked in the picture from left to right are; Exaggerated, Conceited, Upscale and Upper Class. In my opinion these are perfect for daily autumnal wear. I am wearing Upper Class on my lips.
 Upper Class

The packaging is very sleek, with a matte look casing and a beautiful swirling design inside. They are very smooth, easy to hold and the perfect size to pop inside your handbag.

To go with these lipsticks, are the liners. These last all day long! They do not smudge or fade and give your lips that extra 'WOW' factor. They also go well with our lipglosses. Just colour your lips in with any liner and go over with a lighter lipgloss and you have yourself your very own lip colours that lasts! 

Overall, they have delivered on the formulation. These lipsticks are lovely, and they are definitely worth the £15 you spend and are definitely up there with other high end brands. I would recommend in investing in these and at the moment there is a bulk offer of 3 lipsticks for £39 totally worth getting! 

You can purchase these lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes and lip liners here -

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