Thursday, 29 October 2015

Illuminate Clear Facial Cleanser (Younique) Review -

I have always been pretty much on the fence when it comes to skincare. Sounds crazy coming from someone who suffers from extremly oily skin. As a teen I always used clearasil and the exfoliant one at that. I never used moisturier or toner and I never took my makeup off at night. Back then there was a serious lack of products for oily skin and I always felt that brands left us out. When there was something for oily skin suffers, it was always a products that had dry to oily on it and was always aimed more for the dry skin types, Nivea was a culprit of that one.

Looking back, I was very silly never to take my makeup off at night. It didn't help my skin at all. It wasn't until I started a beauty theraphy course in college at 17 and I was introduced to the  world of skincare and the ever so expensive Dermolgica products, which I loved and they catered for oily skin. I loved their Clay Cleanser,  toner and moisturiser. When I finished college I stopped using Dermologica as it is so expensive, my bank manager would have had a fit. 

It wasn't until earlier this year, June to be exact that I decided to treat myself and my skin. Well, I was getting married in July and I wanted my skin to behave itself and not over produce sebum (YUCK!) So once again, 12 years later,  I ordered myself the travel kit for oily skin as you get five products for £26, but they are sample size and last only a month. I loved it and it made my skin perfect for my big day. However my purse didn't. I continued to use Dermologica until August, that's when the world of Younique was opened up to me and they fully supported and catered for all skin types, including oily skin. 

So a month a go I decided to give their Illuminate Clear Facial Cleanser a go. They have two cleansers; Clean is for dry, normal and combination skin and the Clear, is for oily skin. 
Made with Garden Chrysanthemum, Aloe Vera and Licorice Root. It smells absolutly devine, you can clearly smell the gorgeous floral Chrysanthemum. 

The colour of the cleanser looks like clay or licorice and the texture is smooth and creamy. It's easy to apply on to damp skin and easy to wash off with warm water. 

My Thoughts... Overall I absolutley love this product. For someone who suffers from extremly oily skin this is a dream to use. I don't break out in oiliness ten minutes after I washed my face, it keeps it locked up all day. My face feels smooth, looks clean and minmises the pores.

The cleaners are made up of all natural ingrediants and it makes my face feel fresh, clean and ready to take on the world. The best bit is that a little bit (pea size) goes along way! I've been using this for almost two months and I haven't even reached half way down the tube. 


I also love the sleek, design of the packaging looks very proffesional and tidy. It looks great in my bathroom on the shelf (crazy, I know!). It's totally worth the £30 and you get 100ml 

I would seriously recommend this product for oily skin types. I wouldn't be without mine.


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