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Dr Martens Aimilita Triumph Boot | Review

Autumn has made itself at home and it's time to dig out your autum/winter wear or failing that, just go shopping for some new threads! For me, this time of year means I go in search for the perfect boots, that will last.

I am quite fussy when it comes to boots. I like to be stylish, yet have my own style. If I see people wearing the same boots then I stear well clear. So, I couldn't believe my luck when I came across the Dr. Martens, Aimilita boot sitting pretty on top shelf in store. Sure, they are expensive, but I was willing to pay more money for something that's going to last me for years and that has a lifetime guarantee! 

It took me a month to grit my teeth and bite the bullet. My dear husband convinced me into purchasing them as I have a sciatic nerve inury that shows its ugly face whenever it starts getting cold and didn't want me to suffer this year. Plus, the shoes I had on my feet were £20 and making me walk on the sides of my feet (like fake uggs do to you). I swear I could hear those boots breaking as I walked up to the tills to pay for these angels. My husband in the end purchased them for me as a surprise present for my 30th which was two days away, bless him and it was the perfect present.



The Aimilita is a biker inspired boot from the early 1950's and also has a bufflo style influence. The 9-eye gold toe cap boot uses a D ring at the rear of the ankle so you can fold down the sides and comes with two different style laces! (how awsome is that?) Brown ribbon and your normal waxed laces. 

When I first tried these on back in October I felt like I was walking on air. Perfect, seeing that they have an air-cushioned sole. They are so comfortable that I even sighed with relief! I've never done that when trying footwear on before. But, seriously I felt that my feet were being supported, nothing was rubbing and because the sizes come up a little bigger I was a 7 instead of an 8, fantastic! 

I recently spent a day in London walking around and I wore these. They didn't rub at all and I worethick  socks with them. Usually after a day out in London my feet are sore and with blisters to match, but with these I had no trouble and my feet thanked me for it.

Made with polished wyoming leather, the Aimilita boot comes in either black or dark brown and has tweed style material inside (I have seen other colours and designs on google). The cost of these amazing boots are £130 and they also feature on their website 

These are perfect for revamping your style. You can fold down the sides and or tongue however you like. tie the laces whichever way, on top, inside, over the tongue or under it. there is no right or wrong way. 


I love how versatile this boot is. It's like a hundred different looks with one pair. It's great when you want to create a different look everytime. I have no fault with these. I could wear them 24/7 and I wouldn't know that I had anything on my feet. 


Retails at £130 from Dr Martens store. I brought them from the Milton Keynes, UK branch. You can also purcase from the website and search Aimilita Triumph Boot and it's the £130 option. 

I hope this post helps anyone who is looking to purchase a long-lasting and comfy pair of boots, or for someone unable to decide if these are the pair for them. 

Have you found your perfect autumn/winter boots yet?

Jenni xo


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