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Get To Know Me... Beauty Blogger Tag!

Morning Everyone! Last week I was nominated by the gorgeous Hannah, from LoveHannahxx to do the 'Get To Know Me' Tag. Don't forget to check out Hannah's amazing Blog!

So, here we go...

Question 1. Is Your Hair Naturally Straight or Curly?
Hmm, my hair used to be dead straight when I was growing up. But, in the past five years it has gone, kind of wavey. Which I'm not complaining. It used to take me ages to get those beach look waves. now it just happens!

Question 2. Do You Dye it yourself, or go to a Salon?
I haven't coloured my hair for over six years. But, when I do, I do it myself. However, if I do decided to dye my hair again, I think I will go to a salon. 

Question 3. Do You Wear The Same Style Everyday, Or Do You Change It?
I do wear the same style everyday. I work full time in a nursing home, so my hair has to be up in a ponytail. I have two days off a week and those are the days I wear it down. 

Question 4. How Long Does It Take For You To Put Your Makeup On?
It depends, if i'm working then it would take me about 15 minutes. On my days off, 30 minutes and if i'm going out for the night, 1 hr depending on what look I want. 

Question 5. What Do You Do First? Eyes or Face?
Face! I always start with my face, so that I don't miss anywhere with concealer and foundation. I have tried starting with my eyes before and that didn't go down too well. 

Question 6. Do You Collect Makeup, Or Just Buy As And When You Need It?
Both. If I see something I love, such as a palette or lipstick then I would buy it. It's more interesting then buying what I need all the time. However, I use all the makeup I buy and never keep something if it has gone past its best before date.

Question 7. How Often Do You Wear False Eyelashes?
Never. One, I can't put them on and Two, if I do manage to put them on they look ridiculous! Plus, I can't be dealing with glue and mess. I wear 3D Mascara which is basically better than false eyelashes and makes your lashes longer and thicker and you don't need glue! which means no mess. haha,  I purchase that online at

Question 8. What Are Your Current Everyday Staples?
Skincare wise, I switch day to day, from Younqiue's Clean face wash and Dermalogica's cleanse and scrub. I finish with Dermalogicas moisturiser. 

Makeup wise, I love Benefits POREfessional primer and I use that everyday, as well as my Younique liquid Touch foundation and concealer. It gives you that flawless complexion, that I LOVE. I also team it with the touch powder. (These can be purchaed online at I ALWAYS use liquid eyeliner on my top lid and my 3D Mascara.

Question 9. Do You Wear Makeup When You're Home Alone, or With Family?
Sometimes, If I know i'm not going anywhere then I don't put any on.

Question 10. How Many High End Products Do You Have?
All my makeup is high end. I either use Benefit or Younqiue. I do sometimes, shop in drugstores for makeup. However, my second job is selling Makeup (Younique - - shameless plug :P ) which is highend and is mineral based and animal cruelty free.

Question 11. Do You Plan your OOTD The Night Before, or Decide When You're Getting Ready?
When I'm Getting Ready. I change my mind so frequently on what I want to wear. It's better for me to choose on the day. However, If I'm going out to a party then I would plan a few days before. 

Qustion 12. How Often Do You Change Your Handbag?
Once a year or two? I'm not a massive handbag lover, so when the bag I have starts to break or looks like it has seen better days then I will change it. 

Question 13. How Often, Or When Do You Work Out?
A few months ago I would workout 5 times a day. At the moment it's none. But, that will soon change.

Question 14. Left Or Right Handed? 
I'm Right Handed! 

Question 15. How Tall Are You?
5ft 6in or 170cm

Question 16. Do You Speak Any Foreign Languages?
I can speak very little Spanish. Enough to survive if I get lost in a Spanish speaking Country. 

Qustion 17. Sweet Or Savoury?
I'm a sweet person hands down! I can and will eat every sweet thing put in front of me. My sweet tooth is massive! Doughnuts are my fave.

Question 18. What's Your Favourite Perfume?
My favourite is Next Cashmere perfume. I'm not rich enough to buy perfume. But I do love the scent of Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream. 

Question 19. How Many Pets Do You Have?
I have two Dogs. A girl (Dizzy on the right) and a boy (Bruno on the left) and they are both Staffordshire Bull Terriors. 


Question 20. Do You Read Comments Posted On Blogs?
I do. I read both on my blog and other peoples. I love to know what other people think. 

Question 21. Do You Keep A List Of Other Products To Try When You See Other Posts?
Sometimes, If I like the sound of a product and It will benefit my skin or whatnot. Then I will list it.

Question 22. How Did You Come Up With Your Blog Name?
Well, my name is Jenni anyway so the first part of it was easy. My married name didn't sound right for a blog, neither did my maiden name. So I chose Belle. Because I love the word. It sounds pretty and also one of my favourite Disney charaters is Belle, she loves books and so do I. So Jenni Belle was created. Also, My makeup bussiness is called Glamour Lash Belles. And everytime someone joins my company I call them Belles, so it's in keep with everything.


Question 23. What Kind Of Camera Do You Use For Your Photos?
I use my iPhone 6s Plus. I would love a Canon but I can't afford one of those at the moment. 

Question 24. What's Your Favourite Colour?
I don't have just one favourite colour. I love all colours but I ususally lean towards pastels such as pinks, purples, oranges, greens. 

Question 25. Do You Swear?
I'm not going to lie, but yes I do. I only swear if i'm angry or i've hurt myself. My husband does tell me off for it too.

Question 26. What Are You Doing With The Rest Of Your Day?
As I write this post, it's Monday morning and so, I have to go to work at 1pm. So I would just relax and catch up on YouTube videos in the meantime. 

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post. Feel free to comment below, I do read comments haha. I hope everyone has a good day.

Jenni xo

I nominate...

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  1. Great post hun really enjoyed reading it :) thanks for the mention! Your pups are so cute hugging in their bed haha. Always thought about trying younique products but haven't as of yet..
    Love Hannah xx

  2. This post is awesome :) thank-you so much for nominating me it will be going up on the blog soon :D xoxo


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