Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Confessions of a 90's Kid

I'm always day dreaming about how great my childhood was, and thinking 'those were the days'. I haven't hidden the fact that I am now thirty (Yikes). This consequently means I spent all of my childhood in the 90's. This was all before smart phones, internet (as we know it), catch-up on demand and Apple Music or Spotify. So what was it like growing up in the 90's

Music: In the 90's itunes, Spotify and apple music wasn't even thought about, let alone invented. So I spent the majority of the evenings (especially Sunday at 4pm) recording chart music onto blank tapes. I wasn't rich enough to buy cd's (they were expensive! You wouldn't have much change out of a £20 note), and buying tapes was a declining item. Just thinking back to when I would spend ages, next to my stereo, index finger on the play button and thumb on the record, because you had to press the buttons down at the same time to record, and it was so easy to screw it up. It makes me shiver. I use to always have a blank tape in, just incase a song I liked came on and I could instantly record it. Flying off my bed like a crazed lunatic, so I didn't miss the start of the song, especially if it was the Spice Girls. All of these tapes I would listen to on my walkman.

Later on, when I was able to buy CDs or were gifted them, I had a portable cd player which I took everywhere with me and I owned hundreds of CDs. Which now have all gone to car boots or the skip.


2. Consoles: When it was raining and only raining outside and it was the weekend or half term, I was aloud to stay in doors and play on my Saga Mega Drive II . I loved that console and I equally loved Sonic the hedgehog. I would spend all day trying to beat Dr Robotnik and would get very angry if I lost a life and had to start at the very beginning of a difficult level, because there wasn't a save button back then. 

I also spent a lot of time on my Commodore 64 (a computer with a tape player attached, for games) and play Flimbo's Quest, which I completed once and there was still no save button. I was pleased as punch and one of my life's goals back then.

3. Outside: I was constantly told by my parents to go outside and only come back for dinner and when it starts getting dark: Making dens was a serious topic of discussion amongst friends. I would spend hours after school, at weekends and during summer holidays searching for a place to build dens and making them. I was lucky enough to have a large group of friends who lived not far from me, some lived next door or on the next street. We would go to the local woods and build our dens out of fallen branches, shrubs and furniture that people had dumped. The best den we made had a carpet, oven, sofa and coffee table. Until a rival group noticed and set it alight or robbed it off us. Those were the days.

4. Mobiles: These were available to me during the later part of the 90's. My parents thought it a good idea to give me a brick. Seriously, they were heavy and chunky and annoying. They had no games on them, the only thing you could do was make a call and text which cost 10p, so you had to be careful in the amount of text you sent. I probably had to go and top it up twice a week. Yep, I said top it up, there was no mobile phone plans back then, It was all pay-as-you-go. You had to go to your local newsagent, tell them which card you want and It was just a card, which you scratched the silver off the back, call a number and enter the code and hey presto you had £5, £10 or £20 on your phone. I defiantly don't miss doing that.

5. The library was my friend: I didn't have a proper computer growing up, so I didn't have the encyclopaedia CD-ROM to use. So, when I had projects from school to do, I had to go to the library. I remember doing a lot of homework at the library and I use to have to get there early on a Saturday morning, otherwise all the table were filled and I had no where else to work, except on the floor. I use to know my way around a library pretty well, I knew where the sections were and what the different symbols on the spines of the books represented. 

5. Collections: I collected a lot of crap in my childhood. A couple of collections I was obsessed about was pogs and tazos. I had hundreds and would spent my break times at school playing and swapping. I also collected the spice girls photo type things that went around. I may still have these collections back in my parents loft as I don't remember throwing them away. 


6. Video Rental: My favourite thing to do at the weekend was go to choices or blockbuster and pick a video to rent out. It was like a huge thing back then. Before films were available to buy, you had to rent them out and it took years for a film to become available to take home from being out at the cinema, and I mean years. 

7. Saturday Mornings: If I wasn't going to the library and it was raining out. I would spend the morning watching tv, especially Live and Kicking and later SM:TV. This was before we got sky and was able to watch channels like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.


8. Friday and Saturday Evenings: They were the best for tv. I loved knightmare, which involved a creepy medieval set and some poor old teen wearing a viking hat over there head and eyes, so they couldn't see and be told by their friend three friends, which way to go and be shouted to 'STOP!' before they fell down a hole or a skeleton grabbed them. I also watched The Crystal Maze, Krypton Factor, Generation Game, Gladiators,  Blind Date, Noels House Party, TFI Friday, and many more great programmes.

9. School Discos: These were the highlight of the end of term at school. I would make it my mission to know the dance routine to the Macarena and Saturday Night. And I would know all the words to any of Take That, Boyzone and Ace of Base songs.

And Finally...

10. Fashion: I didn't really take note of fashion. The first part of the 90's I wore hand me downs. By 1997 I was more conscious of what I was wearing and copied a lot of what my friends or the Spice Girls were wearing. I wore a lot of sports wear (Sporty spice was my fav), especially ADIDAS and Kappa, which had poppers down the side of the legs. I also owned quite a lot of pairs of combats which would sit on my hips and crop tops (Thanks to the girl group All Saints). I mainly wore practical clothing, because I was always out climbing trees, building dens and hanging out at parks. Also, I was a bit of a tomboy so choice of footwear was a pair of Reebok trainers (I even had a black pair for school)

I hope you enjoyed reading about what my childhood entailed. If you were a 90's kid then what did you get up to?

See you soon.

Jenni xo 


  1. Yep, this was my life too! Thank you for the trip down memory lane... Ps I had the same Kappa's and everyone wore Umbro shorts in PE :-D X

  2. Yep, this was my life too! Thank you for the trip down memory lane... Ps I had the same Kappa's and everyone wore Umbro shorts in PE :-D X

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed my post :) oh yes the umbro shorts! My school rucksack was also Umbro *cringe* :P X

  4. Oh my god this post has just brought me right back to my childhood! I was a 90's kid too and when you look back, it brings back so many good memories!

    Me and my brother used to fight over POG's and when my favourite band was on SM:TV live I used to tape it and watch it over and over!

    Love this post

    Sophie x

  5. This brings back some memories.. I miss my portable CD player! Haha. Lovely blog, just gave you a follow on bloglovin

    Shelby Louise |


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