Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Monthly Favourites: Bloggers

Good evening, morning, or afternoon to you. Hope everyone's week is going well and if it's not, then just remember the weekend will soon be here! YAY.

I cannot believe that we are now in the last week of January! Say what? Can someone please tell me where the month has gone? This means it is my monthly faves time... Which brings me to todays post. I want to shoutout the bloggers who I have been reading posts from for the whole of January and who have inspired, motivated and helped me. I read tons of blogs and these are the ones that stood out for me.

Here we go...



I absolutely love Jemma's blog. I get so excited when I see that she has created a post. Jemma was one of the first people I followed on Twitter and Bloglovin, when I first started blogging. I had no idea what I was doing, and at that time the blogging community I was seeing was a very negative and bitchy place. I was so nervous to post and almost quit. 
At this time, Jemma created some very helpful posts about blogging and how to get started, which helped me tremendously. She also created #TheGirlGang on Twitter, a positive place and community for bloggers which I love and have made loads of friends. is a fun and colourful blog. The layout is easy to navigate and Jemma's photography and designs are so lovely and gorgeous. Her content is amazing and her blog is filled with all kinds of posts from personal to useful tips. This blog will keep you hooked. You should all go and read her latest post; Blog Advertising; Things You Should Think About - especially if you're new to blogging. 



From Roses is next on my faves list. Rebecca is amazing and her blog was also one of the first ones I started reading and following. Her layout is so simple and airy, it's so fresh. Her photography is bright, clean and inspiring, I love it. It might sound insane but I feel like I'm outside, every time I go to her blog. That's how fresh it is. 

From Roses is more lifestyle, with beauty, style and fitness thrown in for good measure. You will always find something you like on this blog. I particularly enjoyed reading her; Productive Habit To Get Into For Working Smarter, Not Harder post.



Last but not least is Olivia Cheryl. Again, Olivia was another one of the first people, whose blog I started reading. Her blog is filled with awesome content such as; My online dating experience Part 1 and 2. Olivia, also posts helpful blogging content like; Do You Really Need Bloglovin? 
Her photography is colourful and girly and always, without fail draws me in. Olivia's blog is  easy to navigate around and at the top of her blog, has a 'Big This Week' and 'Recent Posts' where you can click on her popular posts or recent one, without scrolling all the way down to find. 

Olivia also has a YouTube channel, which I have just discovered and I love! It has some pretty awesome vids for you to watch from Look Books, to makeup and hair tutorials. You should all go and subscribe!

Well, that's it for this month at least. I hope you all enjoyed todays post and I will be back soon, with another post.

Who's your favourite blogger(s) of the month?

Jenni xo

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  1. loved this! It was very helpful and now i can check out some of these blogs!! Great post girl!


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