Monday, 1 February 2016

My Healthy Lifestyle

How is it February already? *sigh* This year is going way to fast, I feel like I have to wear a seatbelt *insert eye rolling emoji* Now that January has gone, I feel like I'm ready for the year. In the past couple of months I have been preparing and organising myself to get back into my healthy lifestyle, which I ditched last August. Last year I managed to loose all my excessive weight, in time for my wedding in July. At the time I was so proud of myself, my future was bright and I had goals. The picture below was taken on the morning of my wedding day.

Until halfway into my honeymoon, I experienced a really painful toothache. It took me off my feet and I almost over dosed on paracetamol. I was in another country and I was supposed to me enjoying my first week of marriage. 

Instead I was in pain and all I wanted to do was sleep and go home. My husband, bless him looked after me and I forced myself on trips we booked on our first day. I hoped it would take my mind off it, however all I seemed to do was search for the nearest pharmacy. 
My healthy lifestyle went straight out the window. I was eating all the wrong foods, all the time and I went to the gym once.

As soon as I returned home, I went to the dentist and got the pain delt with. All of this, plus work becoming hectic and very stressful. I stopped working out all together and I ate what I wanted. I am ashamed to say I hardly ate any fruit or veg and every meal looked yellow or brown *Yuk!* 

I am now much heavier than I was last year and my fitness levels are very low. So now I am taking action! And I want to reverse my weight gain and start eating better. So, I am taking you with me, on my healthy lifestyle journey. 

Every month I will post an update and occasionally I might post products and recipes I am using to help and what I think works for me and might for anyone else wanting to live healthier.

Does fitness and a healthier lifestyle interest you? Or are you already doing it?

See you soon
Jenni xo 

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  1. I really need to get into a healthier lifestyle too. The stress and hectic of the last few weeks left me in a state where I'm really unhappy with my body! I just feel so lazy and kinda am tired all the time. Fitness is such a great way to live a better life :)

    Love, kerstin


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