Monday, 25 April 2016

Book Review: Red Queen & Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

Over the past month I have been reading this two books by Victoria Aveyard. I have just finished Glass Sword. So naturally, here is my spoiler free reviews on both of these awesome books.

I only just finished Glass Sword and I really can't put both book in to words. my mind has blown, you have no idea. It's just so good. How did I let Red Queen sit on my bookshelf for five months! What the hell! 

If you don't know what Red Queen is about, it's about a girl name Mare, and Mare is a red. Reds live in this world, where reds are the normal people. They have low income jobs, they are servants, they live in the slums and they really don't have the best life to live. Because they have red blood and aren't special like the Silvers are. Silvers are the rich people of society, who run the government, they are kings and queens and rule the courts and the lands. These people have silver blood which allows them to have super human abilities. They can control fire, water, earth, even your minds. They are strong and not to be messed with.

The story follows Mare who is a red blood. But she has the power to control lighting, which is unheard of from the red bloods. Red bloods don't have any special abilities, until Mare comes along and the royal family find out about her ability and they have to hide her. I don't want to say any more incase of saying to much. All I'm going to say is that Red Queen is pure gold. It's so frickin' amazing and I think you should go and read this book right now!

If you haven't yet read Red Queen then you may want to advert your eyes now...

Naturally as soon as I finished the first book I went picked up its sequel straight away. I was not disappointed one bit as I delved straight in and I purposely chose to read it slowly as I didn't want it to end...three weeks if you're curious. 

Glass sword starts where Red Queen ended. Mare changes a lot in this book good and bad. I feel like she all of a sudden becomes big headed, now that she has this ultra special ability that no one has heard of. I just wanted to slap her when she came across arrogant and all high and mighty. Now that she has a list of new bloods that she has to find before the new king, Maven destroys them all. 
I  like how Victoria has created this almost hostile environment, that sees Mare as a bit of an outsider, almost everyone wants to avoid her and approaches Cal with ease, who is a silver, an exiled prince and should be their enemy. 

Again I don't want to put huge spoilers in this review so I will leave it there. I adore this series and I can not wait for the third book to be released, because you just can't leave it with a cliff hanger like that!

Have you read these read books? What did you think?

Jenni x


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