Sunday, 29 May 2016

Book Review: Blackheath by Gabriella Lepore

Seeing as it was about witches, I didn't really know what else to expect when I first started reading Blackheath. It was an easy read, which I tend to go for in a book. Gabrella's way with words gripped me from the start. Her description of places, is brilliant and I could imagine the creepiness of Blackheath mansion and the spiders in that place (shudders). I must mention that it was really refreshing to have male witches in this book, and for the main female character, Maggie to be human. 

Blackheath is about seventeen year-old Maggie Ellmes, who is told that she is in fact cursed. 
Desperate to shake off the hex, Maggie has no choice but to seek help from Joel Tomlins, who is a descendant of Blackheath's most powerful line of witches.

I actually really enjoyed this book, despite its mixed reviews on goodreads. I loved the relationship chemistry between Joel and Maggie. But my favourite character has to be, quite old aunt Ruby. She came across sweet and loving and I hope we delve a little further into the Tomlins family history in the coming book. 

Agh, there are so many unanswered questions. Hopefully they will be answered in the next book.

The only downside I have is the lack of magic we see in this book, I want more! Other than that, this book is beautifully written and I would say to anyone sitting on the fence about it, to go and give it ago!

Defiantly worth five stars!

Jenni xo


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