Friday, 17 June 2016

Bookish Habits I Need To Quit


We all have habits that we want to quit, or have quit. Today, I am focusing on bookish habits I want to try and kick. And there's a few...

1. Seeking out chapters - I don't know about you, but every time I read a chapter, I look to see where the next chapter is. And then place my bookmark there. I have no idea why I do this. The only thing I can think of, is that it's some sort of reading goal? However, I really need to stop doing this, as it's taking the fun out of reading a good book. 

2. Buying books for their cover - The old saying goes 'never judge a book by its cover.' I am embarrassed to say, I do this all the time. However, I am always drawn to pretty and, or mysterious books. It really isn't all about the cover and there are some amazing books out there. So I must kick this habit in the butt. 

3. Checking to see how many pages there or checking the percentage on kindle - What can I say? I want to know exactly how long the book is and how long it will take me to read it. I even divide how many pages left and workout how many pages a day I will read, to finish it. I had to have a quiet word with myself, when i started to do it by the hour.  Seriously? I need to stop this, it's just wrong to do this in my opinion. Books are meant to be enjoyed, which I do. But I am so OCD on this, it's one of my worst habits. 

4. If I start a series or trilogy I have to finish it - Even if I hate it, which is rare I have to say. I have yet to come across a series I dislike. Anyway, this is a habit I have gotten myself into. A lot of books on my shelves are mostly series or trilogy's because once I start, I can't stop and have to collect all said books. 

5. Matching covers - okay, I hate it when publishers start changing covers of a series half way. Don't get me started! The OCD in me comes out and I must have all books in the same design. I have a few books that are odd in their collections and it does my head in. I must stop obsessing over this! It doesn't matter, however I do like my shelves to be pretty and everything to match. 

6. Sharing books - The last time I gave a book to a friend, I never saw it again. And when asked to have it back, they lost it... This was twenty years ago. However, you learn from your mistakes and I never shared a book again. I have even lied to a friend one, when they asked to borrow a book. I just said "no, I'm reading that one right now". I'm not sure if I will ever stop this habit of not sharing my books. I am just afraid to lend them out and never seeing it again. I have trust issues. 

7. Folding the corners of a page - I have disgusted a few people by doing this. I have recently stopped this by buying gorgeous bookmarks, which you may have seen on my instagram. Habit tackled!

8. Buying Books - Recently I had to put myself on a book ban. In the past one I have brought way too many books. So in order stop my TBR list from spiralling out of control I am trying not to buy more books. So far so good!

9. Trying to read all the chosen books in my TBR list for that month - Like I said previously, books are to be enjoyed at leisure. I need to slow down a bit. Tell myself, it's okay if I don't finish all the books in this months TBR. However, I see it as a challenge and I like challenges. Need to try and quit this one. 

And finally...

10. Disliking a book because it has no romance in it - I need to get over this one. It's okay if there's no romance. But I do like a good romance, even if the book isn't allegedly a  romance. I also do this when choosing which Anime to watch. 

So, what's on your bookish quit list?
Thanks for reading

Jenni xo


Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Book Review: The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge

A victorian murder, shrouded in mystery and fantasy. Is what caught my eye when I was looking for something different to read.

The Lie Tree, follows 14 year old Faith Sunderly and her family as they move to a small island called Vane, to escape growing rumours and gossip back home in Kent. It is 1860 and ten years after the controversial publication of Darwin's; On The Origin of Species. 
The community of Vane are at first welcoming of the family, until rumours of Faith's father reaches the shores of the island. It isn't long until his body is found, an alleged suicide. Faith is utterly bewildered by the thought of her father killing himself and turns detective to find out what really happened. In doing so, Faith discovers her fathers obsession: The Lie Tree, which only grows in complete darkness and produces a fruit of secret truth when fed with lies.

My first impression, was how well Frances has described each character. Bare in mind that it is Victorian Britain and therefore peoples behaviours and attitudes are different from todays. I particularly loved the dynamic of Faith's parents. Her father is very strict, secretive and holds himself well, that of a typical Victorian man. Her mother comes across as shallow and selfish. Always worrying about what people may think about her, if she doesn't keep up appearances. 

My favourite character is of course Faith. She breaks the typical female mould of this time. She is cunning, stubborn and willing. All the characters are well rounded and carefully thought out. Their roles in the book were well planned and kept me guessing. 
By no means was this book predictable. It had so many twists that I had no idea how it was gong to turn out. I had my suspicions, which were immediately dashed away. 

I have never read any of Frances books before, so I was new to her style of writing, which is beautiful and very descriptive. She knows how to play with your feelings and I did shed a tear at a scene, where Faith is getting told off by her father. I felt like the book had me guessing and is what kept me reading to the end. Certain scenes and plot reveals, made me keep turning the pages. I loved how Frances didn't miss a thing on Victorian Life, especially pictures of the dead which was a common thing to do back then.

Often, I just had to close the book because it was at such a slow and painful pace. I had to make myself read it to get to a certain point in the book, where it would speed up a little. I felt like the book was too descriptive, that it would go off on a tangent and I personally felt certain scenes were pointless  and didn't need to be there. 

Overall, I loved the storyline of the book and the characters in it. If the book wasn't so slow and it was quick to the point, then I would have enjoyed it more. However, if you love a good murder mystery or are intrigued of Victorian life then I would recommend to give this a go.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Jenni xo
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