Friday, 17 June 2016

Bookish Habits I Need To Quit


We all have habits that we want to quit, or have quit. Today, I am focusing on bookish habits I want to try and kick. And there's a few...

1. Seeking out chapters - I don't know about you, but every time I read a chapter, I look to see where the next chapter is. And then place my bookmark there. I have no idea why I do this. The only thing I can think of, is that it's some sort of reading goal? However, I really need to stop doing this, as it's taking the fun out of reading a good book. 

2. Buying books for their cover - The old saying goes 'never judge a book by its cover.' I am embarrassed to say, I do this all the time. However, I am always drawn to pretty and, or mysterious books. It really isn't all about the cover and there are some amazing books out there. So I must kick this habit in the butt. 

3. Checking to see how many pages there or checking the percentage on kindle - What can I say? I want to know exactly how long the book is and how long it will take me to read it. I even divide how many pages left and workout how many pages a day I will read, to finish it. I had to have a quiet word with myself, when i started to do it by the hour.  Seriously? I need to stop this, it's just wrong to do this in my opinion. Books are meant to be enjoyed, which I do. But I am so OCD on this, it's one of my worst habits. 

4. If I start a series or trilogy I have to finish it - Even if I hate it, which is rare I have to say. I have yet to come across a series I dislike. Anyway, this is a habit I have gotten myself into. A lot of books on my shelves are mostly series or trilogy's because once I start, I can't stop and have to collect all said books. 

5. Matching covers - okay, I hate it when publishers start changing covers of a series half way. Don't get me started! The OCD in me comes out and I must have all books in the same design. I have a few books that are odd in their collections and it does my head in. I must stop obsessing over this! It doesn't matter, however I do like my shelves to be pretty and everything to match. 

6. Sharing books - The last time I gave a book to a friend, I never saw it again. And when asked to have it back, they lost it... This was twenty years ago. However, you learn from your mistakes and I never shared a book again. I have even lied to a friend one, when they asked to borrow a book. I just said "no, I'm reading that one right now". I'm not sure if I will ever stop this habit of not sharing my books. I am just afraid to lend them out and never seeing it again. I have trust issues. 

7. Folding the corners of a page - I have disgusted a few people by doing this. I have recently stopped this by buying gorgeous bookmarks, which you may have seen on my instagram. Habit tackled!

8. Buying Books - Recently I had to put myself on a book ban. In the past one I have brought way too many books. So in order stop my TBR list from spiralling out of control I am trying not to buy more books. So far so good!

9. Trying to read all the chosen books in my TBR list for that month - Like I said previously, books are to be enjoyed at leisure. I need to slow down a bit. Tell myself, it's okay if I don't finish all the books in this months TBR. However, I see it as a challenge and I like challenges. Need to try and quit this one. 

And finally...

10. Disliking a book because it has no romance in it - I need to get over this one. It's okay if there's no romance. But I do like a good romance, even if the book isn't allegedly a  romance. I also do this when choosing which Anime to watch. 

So, what's on your bookish quit list?
Thanks for reading

Jenni xo


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