Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Dorco Eve Review


I don't know about you but I find shaving a hindrance. It's not so much as doing it, but the price tag that comes along with buying new shaver heads. It's an expensive 'chore' to fork out. Sure, I can buy the cheap shavers, if they didn't give me skin problems. 

My usual 'go to' shaver is the Gillet Venus five blade heads. They're easy to use. No skin or hair pulling and they leave your skin feeling smooth. However, the price tag is the only reason why I didn't shave regularly. I just couldn't justify forking out £15 - £20 a month just for shaving and to only receive 3 heads in a pack. Not enough for a month!

I was watching Kate Murnane 'Dolly Bow Bow on Youtube a month or so ago. It was her Autumn Evening Routine where she mentioned the Dorco Eve Razor and subscription service. The razor looked expensive, so when I saw the price of £5.45 I was shocked!

Now, I love razors with more than four blades. So, when I noticed that the Dorco Eve had six, I was sold. The order literally came the next day and I didn't have to pay for delivery!

The packaging I think is very sleek and I love the colour of the box. It's makes it look expensive and very stylish. Inside the box you get a handle, which is comfortable and smooth to hold with a non-slip
 rubber handle so you can take control.

You also receive four heads. Each head is a bendable 'double 3 blade' design which contours to your body. Right at the top of each razor head you will see a group of small, raised dots. This is, what Dorco call 'innovative brush finger' which massages the body and raises hair follicles for a closer, smoother shave. The dark blue bands are in fact holding Aloe, Vitamin E and lavender to moisturise your skin as you shave.


The razors are so easy to clean and they each come in their own clear case to store and to travel with. 

I have to say for the price. It's a bargain and in my own opinion, the best razor I have ever used. My skin is much more smoother and lasts longer than the razors on the high street. My legs don't get that itchy feel, like most razors do. I haven't cut myself, because of the bendable razors which stops all that.

I got the subscription pack. Every month you will receive four blades and for only £5.45 a month.

All in all, I am so glad I watched kate Munrnane's video. So, I wanted to pass on how amazing this product is and hope to help those of you looking for a cheap but excellent shave.

You can purchase the Dorco Eve here 

Thanks for reading

Love Jenni x

P.S All products mentioned were purchased by my own money. I'm no way affiliated with the brand. This is my own honest opinion of the product.

Friday, 25 November 2016

21 Weeks Pregnant - Pregnancy Update

This week I have been really tired. Especially Wednesday, when I had two injections after work. One was the whopping cough and the other was the flu vaccine, which made be feel really poorly the next day. All while I was on a 12hr shift. 

How far along? 21 weeks

How big is baby? Baby is almost 26.7cm! And weighs about 360g

Stretch marks? Yes, tiny ones on my lower stomach. No news ones so far

Sleep: Slept so good this week! But wanted more than seven hours.

Best moment this week: On Friday I go on annual leave for one week. I am so looking forward to resting and catching up on things I haven't done. And more sleep!

Worst Moment This Week: I had my whooping cough jab and Flu vaccine, which made me poorly half way through my long shift. I'm the type of person who will get on with it, so I stayed at work with great difficulty. Never again!

Food Cravings: None this week

Miss anything? Not feeling so tired

Movement: I saw my baby kick while I was in the bath, and my husband managed to feel it kick the following day.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope

Gender: Don’t know

Symptoms: Tiredness! Feeling bloated and gassy 

Belly button in or out? In

Happy or moody most of the time? Happy this week.

Looking forward to: Friday! 



Wednesday, 23 November 2016

My Top 4 Favourite Blogs

Over the past month or so I have been reading a lot of posts. Generally from the same bloggers. I just want to spread a little of blogosphere love and share with you my top four favourite blogs I have been reading this month.

The Curvaceous Vegan -
For a while I wanted to read a blog that was different and didn't have a set niche. That was before I came across Amie's blog. I really like her posts, they range from mental health, to lifestyle, to plus size fashion and all things Vegan. I'm not Vegan, but I am interested in natural foods, recipes and beauty. I particullay enjoyed reading her post - The Apps I Use To Make Blogging Easier

A Girl, Obsessed -
Oh my, if you need advice on uping yor game in the blogging world, Mandy has you pretty much covered. Mandy has a ton of posts that are interesting as well as inspiring. From taking your blog to the next level, to makeup mistakes to avoid, and what to watch on Netflix. I always look forward to her posts and they always make me want to work on my own blog.

This Mama Life -
Since finding out I was pregnant. I scoured YouTube and Bloglovin for mummy blogs and advice. I came across Sarah's amazing pregnancy journey with her second baby. It gave me reassurance watching her pregnancy updates and what to expect in the coming weeks. Also she shares advice on what to buy and pack for the hospital. Sarah, also inspired me to blog about my own preganacy updates. 

Helene in Between -
This has been another favourite of mine. I am looking at ways to better my blog. Helene shares strategies for creating a sucessful blog, how to manage real life, and her travels. She has loads of fun, honest and interersting posts. Her blog is never boring. 




Friday, 18 November 2016

20 Weeks Pregnant - Pregnancy Update

This week I have reached the half way mark! So far, my pregnacy has been plane sailing and fingers crossed it stays that way. So here's to the next 20 weeks!

How far along? 20 weeks

How big is baby? Baby is about 14 to 16cm! And weighs about 255g

Stretch marks? Yes, tiny ones on my lower stomach.

Sleep: Slept like a... Well, baby :)

Best moment this week: My 20 week scan! It's amazing to see the progress of an unborn human inside you from 12 weeks to 20 weeks. Everything is fine and going well. My baby is just over 18cm long! 

Worst Moment This Week: I mentioned last week that I had my lower molar extracted. It made me feel really tired and slightly in pain. I had to take paracetamol regularly. Now the pain has died down and i'm starting to feel much better.

Food Cravings: Quality Street, and Twix

Miss anything? Feeling Normal.

Movement: Stronger flutterings and rolling feeling

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing this week

Gender: Don’t know

Symptoms: Tiredness!

Belly button in or out? In

Happy or moody most of the time? Generally happy this week.

Looking forward to: My one week annual leave from work, which starts on Friday! Whoop! Seeing my two childhood best friends on Saturday, who I haven't seen since my wedding last year! Eeek. I can also start to plan more up and coming posts :)


Tuesday, 15 November 2016

5 Favourite Things I Love About Autumn

Now that we are fully into Autumn. I wanted to share with you, why this is my favourite season out of the four.  

1. The Fashion It's so much easier to choose what to wear. The fashion is better, in my opinion. You are looking to wrap up warm. Therefore, jumpers, jeans, boots and a warm coat is a must. High street stores have pretty much got you covered (excuse, the pun) there. I love wrapping up and feeling warm and snug. The colours are autumnal, and you have an excuse to wear as much burgundy, greens, browns and greys as you like. This is my favourite time to shop for clothes. 

2. Staying in doors This brings me to another favourite about Autumn, and that is feeling cosy. Nothing beats grabbing a hot drink, a good book or film and snuggling up on the sofa, while it's freezing outside. Or going to your local coffee shop and watching the world go by.

3. Walks As much as I love staying in, I also like going on walks. Generally speaking, the sun will be out, but you still have to wrap up warm. There are tons of beautiful walks to go on and with the reds, oranges, browns and green colours of autumn about, it makes it even more beautiful. Also, you have more of a reason to grab a hot drink afterwards. 

4. This time of year My favourite tv shows are on about now. The Apprentice, I'm a celeb, Christmas at Liberty's and the famous John Lewis advert aires. Not to mention, Costa brings out their Christmas menu and all things Christmas is now appearing in shops.

5. Christmas Not to mention, how could I not?  As well as buying presents for people. I love looking at christmasy things. Going on experiences and days out, such as my local town christmas light switch on. Heading off to my local garden centre, who I must add have real reindeers! Christmas Wonderland at Hyde Park in London. Anything that involves christmas or feel christmasy is a must for me.

What do you like or dislike about Autumn? 


Hope you enjoyed my rambling and I will see you soon. Thanks for reading

Love Jenni x

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

19 Weeks Pregnant - Pregnancy Update

Ahhh, this past week has flown by. I can't believe i'm at the end of week 19 already and the next scan date is soon upon us. Here's what the week has looked like for me.

How far along? 19 weeks

Maternity clothes? This week I have been looking at Maternity Swimwear. There are absoultely none in the shops. Yet again ASOS saves the day!

Stretch marks? I have no new strech marks this week. Just the smally tiny ones on my lower stomach.

Sleep: On and Off this week. 

Best moment this week: Attended my first Antenatal class, BeeZee Bumps and met some mummy to be's. 

Worst Moment This Week: Feeling really tired this week. Plus feeling like I have a hangover some days, even if I have slept for more than six hours. Also, I had a tooth removed at the hospital which wasn't too bad, but could do without as it has made me feel even more tired.

Food Cravings: Choclate and Peanut Butter.

Miss anything? Feeling Normal. 

Movement: Stronger flutterings and rolling feeling

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing this week

Gender: Don’t know

Symptoms: Occasional heart palpitations. Carpal Tunnel, Constipation (sorry TMI!).

Belly button in or out? In

Happy or moody most of the time? Generally happy this week.

Looking forward to: 20 week scan in a couple of days! 


Hope you enjoyed this pregnancy update and I will be back soon with another post.

Love Jenni x                                 

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Burt's Bees Mama Bee - Product Review


Before I became pregnant, I never really thought much about using moistuisers or oils on my body. I guess it was because I couldn't be bothered, or I didn't have the time to lather my body in cream.

Now that my body is under going the biggest change in its thirty-one years, I've since started to look at it differently and to take better care of it. Plus, my skin is itchy as hell. 

There are so many products out there, especially for pregnant women. I started my hunt for what I need and looked at all sorts of brands. The most popular one that stood out was Bio-oil. But, I wanted to try something different. And while I was watching mummy-to-be vlogs on YouTube, I came across Burt's Bees Mama Bee range. The YouTuber swore by it and I thought why not, and I brought the belly butter and body oil. 

The price for both is reasonable, depending where you buy it from. I found the best price was with John Lewis, The Belly Butter is £9.33 for 185g tub, The Nourishing Body Oil is £7.33 for 115ml bottle.

Now, I can't compare it to anything, since I didn't really mositurise before. But both products have stopped the itchyness and made my skin feel soft. 

Mama Bee Belly Butter

I use the Belly Butter on my stomach. It's a thick cream, so you only need to use a small amount. You do have to rub it in for a while, which can be time comsuming. Therefore, I use this at night before bed. It leaves my skin feeling soft, relieved any itchyness and I truly feel it nourish's my skin. Since, there is no scientific proof that moisturers and oils prevent stretch marks, and I have noticed tiny, red ones on my lower stomach ( I have embraced them). I feel as if, using the cream every night for the rest of my pregnancy and after, will support my growing bump. Making my skin more elastic and supple. 

The scent of this product, is strange. It reminds me of the countryside. It says on the tub, it contains a combination of Cocoa, Shea and Jojoba Butters. I can defiently smell the shea more than the other two scents. Nevertheless, it's not a bad smell. This Product is 99% Natural and you can read more about what ingrediants are in this over on Burt's Bees website -

Now for the packaging. It's in a tub design, which makes it easy to get to the cream and decided how much you need, rather than squeezing it out of a tube. The design, I really like. It's decorated in the typical Burt's Bees design of Yellow and Cream with Black text. It goes nicly on my white dressing table. It looks very astetical to the eye. 

Mama Bee Nourising Body Oil 

With the oil, I use this on my breasts as they are very sore and dry at the moment. This works wonders and every time my breasts get itchy, I pop a tiny amount on. Right now, it keeps the itchyness at bay all day, which I'm thankful for. You only need a 5p size amount as it goes a very long way (yay!). 
I use this every morning and evening and the lemonany scent is relaxing. The oil is very hydrating and I don't know where I would be without it. 

The scent is more of a lemon smell, more than the almond which thay say is in it. The oil contains Vitamin E, which keeps the skin supple and moist. Which it does! 
It also claims to be 100% Natural. You can read more about the ingrediants used on Burt's Bees Website

Another good thing about this product, is you can add it to your bath water and also use it as a massage oil for you and baby. 

I have really enjoyed using both these products and I would definatly recommend them. Even if you are not pregnant, they really do help your skin feel nourished. Now, it terms of how long they last. I brought these three months ago. I have a tiny bit of the Belly Butter left and as of now, I have finished the Nourishing Body Oil. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any moistursiers, and or oils for pregnancy that are awsome. Let me know in the comments and I will give them a try. 

Love Jenni 

Thursday, 3 November 2016

18 Weeks Pregnant - Pregnancy Update

Since finding out I was pregnant,  I've wanted to document the progress in some way. For the past six weeks since announcing the news on my social media, I have seen other blogs with pregnancy updates and I thought it would be a good Idea to give it ago. It would also make it easy to keep on track of things.

I will be doing pregnancy updates one week behind what I actually am. So, today is the start of week 19.

Here is what happened last week...

How far along? 18 weeks

Maternity clothes? New Look Maternity and ASOS have been my saviour! 

It's really hard finding shops and websites with good maternity wear. Not to mention JoJo Mama Bebe which have amazing clothes but not always in my size and a little out of my budget. 

Stretch marks? I have a few very, very small ones on my lower stomach.

Sleep: I suffer from Carpal Tunnel in both my wrists and it has gotten particularly worse since the start of my second trimester. I feel it more when I sleep. Sleep is a bit hit and miss for me. Some nights I have slept straight through and others I wake with excruciating pain In my wrists. It doesn't help that the cold nights are drawing in. 

Best moment this week: Felt babies movement getting stronger! 

Worst Moment This Week: Heart palpitations and a sudden dip in low blood pressure at work.

Food Cravings: Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, Crisps, fruit, sweets and peanut butter.

Miss anything? I love soft and cream cheeses and I tend to eat these a lot this time of year. I can still eat Camembert and Bre if they are cooked through, but I don't want to take the risk. Also I'm not allowed butter, at all. This is because it may have listeria :(

Movement: Strong fluttering and bubbling feelings.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Long car Journeys 

Gender: Don’t know

Symptoms: Occasional heart palpitations. Some Acid reflux. Carpal Tunnel and tiredness still! Also alot of gas lol.

Belly button in or out? In

Happy or moody most of the time? My hormones are still playing up. I'm more happy but can get angry very quickly, and at the silliest of things.

Looking forward to: 20 week scan next Friday!


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