Tuesday, 15 November 2016

5 Favourite Things I Love About Autumn

Now that we are fully into Autumn. I wanted to share with you, why this is my favourite season out of the four.  

1. The Fashion It's so much easier to choose what to wear. The fashion is better, in my opinion. You are looking to wrap up warm. Therefore, jumpers, jeans, boots and a warm coat is a must. High street stores have pretty much got you covered (excuse, the pun) there. I love wrapping up and feeling warm and snug. The colours are autumnal, and you have an excuse to wear as much burgundy, greens, browns and greys as you like. This is my favourite time to shop for clothes. 

2. Staying in doors This brings me to another favourite about Autumn, and that is feeling cosy. Nothing beats grabbing a hot drink, a good book or film and snuggling up on the sofa, while it's freezing outside. Or going to your local coffee shop and watching the world go by.

3. Walks As much as I love staying in, I also like going on walks. Generally speaking, the sun will be out, but you still have to wrap up warm. There are tons of beautiful walks to go on and with the reds, oranges, browns and green colours of autumn about, it makes it even more beautiful. Also, you have more of a reason to grab a hot drink afterwards. 

4. This time of year My favourite tv shows are on about now. The Apprentice, I'm a celeb, Christmas at Liberty's and the famous John Lewis advert aires. Not to mention, Costa brings out their Christmas menu and all things Christmas is now appearing in shops.

5. Christmas Not to mention, how could I not?  As well as buying presents for people. I love looking at christmasy things. Going on experiences and days out, such as my local town christmas light switch on. Heading off to my local garden centre, who I must add have real reindeers! Christmas Wonderland at Hyde Park in London. Anything that involves christmas or feel christmasy is a must for me.

What do you like or dislike about Autumn? 


Hope you enjoyed my rambling and I will see you soon. Thanks for reading

Love Jenni x

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