Saturday, 31 December 2016

10 Things That People Don't Tell You About Being Pregnant

The most life changing event that will ever happen to you, has happend. You're probably feeling all sorts of emotions and feelings. Now, you have to make some tough decisions and get your head around it all. Here are Ten things that people don't tell you about.

1 You don't need to go to your GP! This was my first mistake. Like all new mums-to-be I didn't have a clue what to do after I pee'd on a stick and waited for the positive to show up. For once google was useless. I headed to my GP, who congratulated me and asked if I was happy. He seemed a little bewildered that myself and my husband had rocked up to announce my pregnancy. It seemd logical to go to your doctor, but you don't need to do that any more. 

You can in fact just ask the GP's receptionist for a midwife appointment. Case closed.

2 You will hate your underwired bras I read that you need to stop wearing under wired bras during pregnancy. Something to do with your developing milk ducts and the such. Yea right I thought. I will not abandon my wired bras, mostly in fear of nothing feeling supported. 

How wrong was I? They became so uncomfortable, that I went out and brought my first non-wired bra.  Why don't people tell you that they are so comfortable and they will support you. I now own two more pairs and have never looked back. 

3 You will burp and fart...A LOT I feel as if I don't need to go into too much detail here. But, yeah. You will fart when you least expect it. I was at work when it accidently slipped out, luckly it was soundless and didn't smell. So, be warned you will pass gas and burp a lot.

4 Your hair will be gorgeous While you're gassing around. Your locks will start to grow and look glossy. Sadly, not all women experience this. However, my hair has grown very quickly (I'm a slow grower) and is more shiny than normal.

5 Everyone has an opinion on weather you're having a boy or a girl For weeks I've had friends, family and colleagues give their pennies worth on why I'm having a girl or a boy. I haven't been sick, therefore it's a boy. I've been eating alot of sweet foods, I'm having a girl! It's non-stop and more than likely get on your nerves. So, beware. 

6 You will become protective of your bump I never understood why mums-to-be were like this. I've worked with pregnant colleagues who would go out of their way to protect their growing bumps. Now, I understand. I've become a ninja in fending off sudden on coming collisions. Such as, jumpy dogs (like my own), commuters and the general public. I'm not afraid to use my elbows, you've been warned. 

7 You will have a needle stuck in you almost constantly If you told me this as a child. I would vow never to have children. I've had so many blood tests and vaccines it's ridiculous and I have more to come. Luckily, I'm no longer afraid of injections, so it doesn't bother me.

8 Cold callers and junk mail You may have alot of this already. But now that you're pregnant it's non stop. I've had scammers phone me asking if I would like to purchase all four Emma's diary magazines. (You get these free at your midwife appointments). You will get unnessary mail and email's with discount codes etc. You will be amazed at how much phone blocking and email spamming you will do.

9 Everyone will comment on your growing bump It's lovely to start with as people are now noticing you're preganat and not fat. However, it's constant and may get annoying. I have one colleague who thinks it's okay to say 'Look how big you are' everytime I see her. 

10 You will become an expert in a field you previously thought was boring as hell It's true. I never thought there were that many types of buggies, prams, bottles, cot, monitors, car seats etc. Its a mind spinner and you may find yourself on Which? Website more often than not.

That concludes this post and I hoped you have enjoyed it, if you're a parent-to-be.

Have you had any other things tht no one has told you about being pregnant? I would love to hear them in the comments.

Love Jenni x


  1. Some of these are so relatable! Things like 1,7 & 8 doesn't happen here where I live, although every time before the midwife's appointment (or well, here we see the nurse on maternity clinic, who is not necessarily a midwife), you have to pee on a stick every single time so they can check your protein & glucose levels :D that's a struggle with a baby bump.

    I'm so glad that I found your blog through Twitter!

    ~ Jasmin N

    1. I totally know what you mean, I have to take a urine sample every time I go and see the midwife. It's hard work 😜 Thank you so much for your comment 💕
      Jenni x

  2. This is my favouritest post (is that a word?) I'm not a mum (yet but hope to one day!) and no one has told me any of this, all my friends have just had babies too. It made me laugh about the farting and hair. Xh


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