Friday, 2 December 2016

22 Weeks Pregnant - Pregnancy Update

This week was time for me to relax and not stress about work, and that's what I have done. No charging around for me. Lets see what happened this week 

How far along? 22 weeks

How big is baby? Baby is 27cm from head to toe And weighs almost 1Ibs

Stretch marks? Yes, the tiny ones on my stomach are getting bigger and I have noticed new ones.

Sleep: Slept so good this week. This week is my annual leave so I have been getting 8+ hrs and a few naps in the afternoon

Best moment this week: No work for me this week and it's my birthday.

Worst Moment This Week: The night of my birthday was the worst. I was very bloated and bump woke me up for the first time at 2:30am. They wouldn't stop moving until around 6pm Friday when my bloating stopped. I

Food Cravings: Pix 'n' Mix sweets

Miss anything? Nope

Movement: Baby is moving a lot now and I can see it when I look at my bump.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope

Gender: Don’t know

Symptoms: Tiredness! Feeling bloated 

Belly button in or out? In

Happy or moody most of the time? Happy this week.

Looking forward to: Christmas 



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