Saturday, 24 December 2016

How I Spend Christmas Eve

I love Christmas eve. It's time to pre celebrate Christmas, whether i'm going out or spending time at home. Here's how I celebrate Christmas Eve.

Christmas eve for me, generally starts around 3pm. I don't know why but for me it feels more christmasy. First off I finish any present wrapping. This is normally gifts i've brought the previous day or that morning. I do this while watching a Christmas film and munching on the snacks I have just put out in the lounge.

Once the gifts are nicly wrapped and placed under the tree, I will begin to make dinner. If i'm having Christmas at my house, then my worktops will be filled with prepped Christmas dinner. So, I would make a quick and easy dinner. A take away or those fresh. Tortallini pasta with a sauce. If i'm round my parents house then it would be gamon for dinner. 

After dinner is finished and i've washed up everything. My husband and I will will watch a film or play a game. We do this all evening until around 10:45pm when we will go to the local pub to have a drink (I will have to have a soft drink this year).

After our festive drink we will head across the road to the church. I've always gone to the midnight mass as a child and teen. Nowadays, I work during Christmas and as I'm at work at 7am on Christmas day, I will have to miss it this year. The Midnight mass makes everything tie in and makes me feel festive. I'm not religious, but I do like carol singing with the locals. This normal ends around 1am Christmas day and we head home.

How do you spend your Christmas Eve?

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