Friday, 9 December 2016

My Maternity Wardrobe: Autumn/Winter 2016

For the past couple of months, I have had to shop in a completely different department, than what I am use to. I had no idea how to style myself. There are hardly any shops out there, that have a maternity section and I struggled to find what I needed. That was until I discovered New Look and ASOS online. 

Such a god send. Now, i've never done a lookbook before, so this is my first time. All pictures are my own, taken by myself with my trusty iPhone and tripod.  

Initially I went a little over board, but I needed a whole new wardrobe, as all my clothes are now too tight to wear and with winter on its way, I might as well stock up on maternity wear. 

Here's what I've brought so far... 

This coat is perfect for the coming cold months. The colour is a gorgeous light grey with a slightly darker shade of lining inside. It's long, coming down past your knees. It has a collared neck, making it look smart. Two pockets at the front, these come stitched so you would have to carefully unstitch them. The design of the coat is suitable to wear at all stages of pregnancy, with it being accommodating for your bump.


I have worn this for a month. I am so pleased I purchased it, as it has kept me warm.

These tops are awesome and so comfy to wear, with extra space for your bump. They come in  black and a white colour. It's a casual fit and is true to size.


These tops have a ribbed texture making it flattering against your shape and can be worn with anything!

These jumpers are so pretty and look great with a pair of black dungarees!. They are so warm and comfy to wear. There are two colours, one black and white. The other a navy, light blue and white block stripe. They are smart and casual looking. You can wear these with jeans, leggings and as I mentioned above, dungarees.


The jumper comes they down, just past the bum, so it's not too long or short which some jumpers are at the moment. 

An autumnal essential, this turtle neck is a must and is so warm and soft to wear. I love mine to bits. It also comes in a bottle green colour.


You can team these with Maternity ripped jeans and boots for a casual look. Again the jumper is long, going past the bum area. Long sleeves for warmth and has extra room for bump.

I wanted something smart, yet casual looking and up popped this dress. It feels so smooth and silky to touch and feels great on. It's thin and will go with a pair of tights and boots. The collard neck makes it look lovely, when done all the way up. The sleeves are long and has an option to roll them up and attached them with the tab and button.

It has a tie waist to flatter your shape and bump. 

This is such a lovely shirt. With the collared neck, you can have it buttoned all the way up or slightly open, depending on your look. It has a slit in both shoulders and the sleeves come down to the elbow.

I would team this shirt with a pair of navy or washed out jeans for a casual day time look.
For evening, a pair of black leggings or jeggings with heels, pumps or boots.

This is the only shop I found on the high street, that sold maternity clothes in the shop. It's expensive, for what I need (considering it's for a short amount of time). And not a shop I would regullary shop in. Though, it sells some fab pieces. 

I fell in love with these black dungarees. Made from cotton and rich denim, with a hint of stretch. They are mega comfy to wear and so soft. There are pockets to the front and back to flatter.


Perfect for a day look with a jumper or a top underneath with trainers or with heels and a sparkly top for a laid back evening look. 

That concludes my maternity wardrobe for now. No doubt I will probably buy more in the coming months. I hope you enjoyed this read and if you are expecting and stuck on what to buy. I hope I helped. 

Have you had trouble buying maternity clothes?

Until next time.

Love Jenni x


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