Thursday, 1 December 2016

My Top Four Christmas Candles

Happy first day of blogmas! If you aren't aware, this month I will be posting everyday up until Christmas. Yay!

To kick off the Christmas season, I thought I would begin with 'My Top Four Christmas Candles'. From the first day of December, I always buy a candle. Whether it's a christmassy one or just a winter warmer which ever, I love candles this time of year. They make me feel warm, cosy and festive in the lead up to Christmas. And I want to share with you my favourite from last year, and a couple I've picked up last month which I love and that are affordable. Lets begin...


This has been my go to winter/christmas candle. As soon as you open the lid, the scent hits you (in a nice way). The scent is just beautiful and reminds me of cold winter days, snuggled up. Warm Welcome has a wonderful notes of pralines. This one is still going after two years. It will burn for 30 - 35 hours. Visitors have commented on it as a lovely welcoming smell, that hugs you as you enter the home. 

I noticed this candle when I was Christmas Shopping, and would make a really nice gift for candle lovers. I have to mention how stunning the packaging is. I love how gold/copper the tumbler is. It's quite a hefty weight and it looks very stylish and homey in the lounge. The fragance is what it says on the lid. However, there are notes of cinnamon, maple, and nutmeg. There is also a very nice woody scent and burnt sugar to it. It is just so nice. This burns for 55 hours.

I love Yankee candles. There are so many to choose from, especially for this time of year. I spent a while choosing which Christmas candles to get this year, and I have to say I really love Christmas Memories. The scent is basically Christmas in a jar. Every time I smell it, it makes me feel warm and festive. It has notes of Cinnamon spice, Sugar Cookies and a suttle hint of vaniliia. I believe you can get this is all the Yankee Candle sizes. I purchased the small jar and believe will burn for 25 - 40 hours. 

Last but not least, I picked this one up in boots! I hadno idea they did their own Christmas candle range. My favourite is the Christmas Pudding. Which actually smells like the real deal. It is well presented and smells gorgeous. I would put this one in my kitchen. As you can imagine what a Christmas pudding smells like, there are spiced fruit notes, cinnamon and vanilla. They mention a note of orange, but I can't smell it. Nevertheless, I still really like this one. 

What's your favourite candle or scent for Christmas? If you are participating in blogmas this year, then leave your links in the comments below. I would love to read everyone's daily posts. 

Thanks for reading.

Love Jenni x 



  1. I loved this post - so christmassy! The place I LOVE going to for candles is definitely TK Maxx, they do some really cheap and high quality ones :) x

    mia //

  2. I loved this! They all sound amazing, I saw the candle from boots last week and I never knew they did them either, they had some really nice ones to choose from. I love anything gingerbread scented at this time of year so I've got a few of those burning at the moment :)

    Tiffany x

  3. I absolutely adore Yankee Candles - their festive ones always smell SO good! The Next Gingerbread one sounds lovely too!

    Hayley xo


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