Thursday, 22 December 2016

The Christmas Tag 2016

Christmas is four days away! I thought it would get me in the festive mood if I did The Christmas Tag.

Q1. What's your favourite holiday movie?
Home Alone (first one) has ALWAYS been my favourite to watch. I'm old school haha! 

Q2. What's your favourite Christmas colour? 
Can I have two? Red and green are my favourite at this time of the year. Always gets me in the festive mood.

Q3. Do you like to stay in your pjs or Dress up for Christmas?
I like to make an effort, but also stay cosy. So I wear warm and comfy clothes as we have a tradition to go on a Christmas Day walk with the dogs every year.

Q4. Candy cane or gingerbread men?
Gingerbread men! I always make my own.

Q5. Have you ever made a snowman?
I have only made one snowman at Christmas, ever! That was when I was 5yrs old. It hardly ever snows in England this time of year or it does but disappears at Christmas.  But I have made plenty of snowmen in my time, just not at Christmas.

Q6. Favourite Christmas smell?
Warm gingerbread.

Q7. What's your favourite holiday drink?
I love homemade mulled wine that we make every year. I also like sloe gin ALOT... BUT, I can not drink these this year :( I will have to find an non-alcholic version of the mulled wine. Any Recipes?

Q8. Any Christmas Wishes?
My only wish is for good health and wellbeing for everyone I know. And that the birth of my baby in March will be alright. 

Q9. What's the weirdest gift you have ever received? 
I appreciate all gifts I receive. However, the weirdest was a pack of old draw liners. I still used it though x 

Q10. What is most important to you about Christmas?
Spending time with family. Eating, watching tv and playing games!

That's it for the Christmas tag! I'm going to tag you. I hope you enjoyed reading and don't forget I will be blogging throughout December for blogmas. 

Love Jenni x


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  1. Lovely tag! I love reading this one, so festive! I found you through bloglovin' - keep it up! x


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