Monday, 10 July 2017

June Favourites

Summer is finally here! I literally can't believe how fast this year is going, I want it to slow down, just a little. So, now it's July and in May I brought a lot of products, just because I went through a frumpy mummy 'phase'. 

Here's what I was loving in June and still am...

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LOreal Pure Clay Detox mask
Oh. My. Goodness! I have never loved a clay mask like this before. Seriously, the best thing I have treated my face to since college and back then I got to play around with alot of Dermalogica products. 

This Mask is enriched with black charcoal which acts like a magnet to draw out impurities. Which it totally did, the day after I first used it, I had a few spots come up and then go after a few days. The texture is so creamy and smooth, it just glides onto the face. 

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You don't need to use alot of product either. I can see a huge difference with my skin, it's alot brighter and smoother, my pores arn't huge anymore and my makeup sits alot better on my face. I would recommend you try it! 

Liz Earl Cleanse & Polish, Hot Cloth Cleanser
Okay, I'm a little late on the boat for this one. I got gifted this by my parents after I gave birth back in April. So, I've had a good couple of months using this. And I have to say I love it. I was a little sckeptical at first, how can so many people love one product. I can see why now. My oily skin has calmed right down, usually round about now I would be extremely oily and I would be forever, blotting my face. Well, not any more! My skin feels and looks alot clearer and fresher.

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Liz Earl Instant Boost Skin Tonic
This goes hand in hand with the hot cloth cleanser. I use this daily and when I'm having no makeup days, it's nice to use during the day when I have a free miniute or two just to freshen up. Keeps the oil at bay. 


I had no idea that this book was being made into a series! I absolutely loved the book and equally I Loved the series. Britt Robertson has done an extremely good portrayel of Sophia Amoruso, from the book. It's how I imagined Sophia to be like. This defitenly kicks ass and is totally girl boss worthy. Though, I recoomened reading the book first.

The Vampire Diaries
 I forgot how good this was. Unfortunatly I stopped watching a couple of years ago and I forgot what season and episode I was at. Thank goodness it's all on Netflix.

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I have been loving this backpack I purchased from Primark. I needed a bag for my purse and little bits, instead of shoving it all in the changing bag and rummaging around for it for ages. I also wanted it to be pratical yet cute and stylish. I couldn't contain my excitment when I came across this rucksack. It feels and looks more than the £10 I paid for it. It's a mixture of faux leather and silk with beauitfully 'embroided' flowers. It has not one, but TWO front pockets which are handy for my phone and Zach's Creon and spoon holder. Inside you have your main bit and then a zipped pocket on one side and two smaller pockets on the other. You can also adjust the straps really easily. What more could you ask for? It's perfet for summer and it goes with any outfit I put on. Ive had so many compliments while out and about. So, well done Primark you made one Mumma happy. 

That's it for this month. Thank you for reading and I will catch up with you next time.

Love Jenni x


Friday, 23 June 2017

Summer Bucket List

I have never done a bucket list. There I've said it. I don't know why I haven't done one before, but I keep seeing people write one and they look so interesting. I always thought it had to be things you wanted to do in your life time. Not necessarily, I've seen bucket lists on all topics from day to day, weeks, months, years and even seasons.

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So without further a do here is my Summer Bucket List...

Have An Epic BBQ

I have already started plans on this! It's on the 2nd July two days from my two - year wedding anniversary, so it's kind of like a mini party to bring everyone back together again. Especially now, that most of us now have babies.

I just need food ideas!

Get Fit

I just recently (10weeks ago) had a baby and I really want to get back in shape. Mainly so I can wear my summer clothes from last year and run around after my baby once he is walking and causing mischief. So far I have made it back to pre-pregnancy weight! Whoop whoop.

Strawberry Picking

This is an old favourite. I love Strawberries and picking and eating them is an experience and memory maker. I adored this activity during childhood. I haven't done this since and because I have been working all summer for the past 10 years, I never got the chance or time. Now that I'm on Maternity Leave, I will have the time to go! So excited.

Travel To Different Places

I love exploring and so going to places, especially towns and cities I've never been to, is definitely on my list. As I mentioned above, I now have the time for my little family to go and create memories.

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Become A Professional Blogger

I'm so excited to crack on with my blog. I have been blogging for over ten years, all on different platforms. I never knew you could make an income from it. Especially now I'm a new mum, I don't want to go back to work and pay the horrendously expensive childcare fees and gain nothing from it. Also my Son will need extra care as he has Cystic Fibrosis. I know it will take a lot longer to achieve than the summer. But if I start now then I will be a lot closer to ahieving my goal.

Go To The Beach

The last time I was on the beach was two years ago. In Portugal. For my honeymoon. I need to go back to the beach on a sunny and warm day with nice sand and a picnic with my family.

Now I Just need to plan these into my diary and tell my husband to book time off.

Love Jenni x


Wednesday, 31 May 2017

I have something to tell you....

Hey guys, Today I want to share something with you all that is very close to my heart (No pun intended). This is a very different post to what I normally upload. 

As you may or may not know, May is Cystic Fibrosis awareness month and I have been raising as much awareness as I can about Cystic Fibrosis.

Why am I doing this?

I just want to make it clear that I have never met or know anyone with this illness before. It doesn't run in mine or my husbands family. I don't have CF and neither does my husband... but we are BOTH carriers. 

We both had no idea we are carriers. 

Not until our son Zach was born 9th April 2017 and even then he was diagnosed with CF at 24 days old on May 4th 2017.

It was a BIG shock for us when we were told by Great Ormond Street Hospital about Zachs illness. They received his bloods from the heel prick test given 5 days after birth.

I had no idea what CF was all about. All I knew was that it was a very bad illness from back in the day. However, medicine has moved on ALOT and so has research. So, my son has the very best chance of having a very long and active life.

Unfortunately this can happen to anyone and I just want to make people aware, as I wasn't. It also makes me feel like I'm helping making people aware that CF is not all doom and gloom. 


What Is Cystic Fibrosis (CF)?
CF is a genetic condition affecting more than 10,800 people in the UK. You are born with cystic fibrosis and cannot catch it later in life, but one in 25 of us carries the faulty gene that causes it, usually without even knowing. 

The gene affected by CF controls the movement of salt and water in and out of cells. People with cystic fibrosis experience a build-up of thick sticky mucus in the lungs, digestive system and other organs, causing a wide ra
nge of challenging symptoms affecting the entire body

How do you inherit CF?
To have CF,  you need to have inherited two faulty copies of the gene (one from each parent), and as there are many different gene mutations that cause cystic fibrosis, each person with the condition can have very different symptoms depending on the two genes they carry. 

While people with CF often look healthy on the outside, each individual is battling their own range of symptoms on a daily basis.

How does CF affect the lungs?
The build-up of mucus in the lungs causes chronic infections, meaning that people with cystic fibrosis struggle with reduced lung function and have to spend hours doing physiotherapy and taking nebulised treatments each day. Exacerbations (a sudden worsening of health, often owing to infection) can lead to frequent hospitalisation for weeks at a time, interfering with work and home life. 

How Does CF Affect The Digestive System?
As the pancreas becomes blocked with mucus, enzymes required for digesting food cannot reach the stomach. People with cystic fibrosis often need to take more than 50 tablets a day to help digest food and keep respiratory 
symptoms in check. 

Cystic Fibrosis not only affect the lungs and digestive system but also other parts of the body. Some people with CF also struggle mentally with Anxiety, depression etc.

Currently there is no cure for Cystic Fibrosis. But research and medicine is advancing all the time, which in turn helps people with CF live normal lives and increases life expectancy. 

My life changed when Zach was born but now, my life means so much more. I get to love my son a whole lot more than normal, as well as supporting him and encouraging him to do better throughout his life. As well as caring for him when times are hard or bad.

Luckily for us we have a great CF team at Great Ormond Street Hospital to help us, help Zach and when he's old enough to take care of himself they will be there to help 

If you would like to raise awareness of CF then please share this post. 


If you would to support and donate so we can turn CF into Cure Found then you can do so by heading over to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation which I will link at the bottom of this post.

Thank you so much for reading. If anyone has any questions
 regarding CF then please don't hesitate to tweet, email or pop it in the comments below.

Text was taken from the Cystic Fibrosis website -

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation -

Cystic Fibrosis Trust -

Jenni x




Tuesday, 16 May 2017

My Labour Story

I often wondered throughout my pregnancy whether my baby would come early or late. A lot of people told me it will be late, as all first borns are. Well, I must be special as I was born 9 days early and I'm a first born. I hoped and prayed they would come on time or soon after the due date.
Well, my due date, 28th March came and went with no sign of baby whatsoever.

A week later, 4th April I had a midwife appointment, and she told me that if I don't go into labour by the end of the week, I was to be induced on Monday morning, 10th April. I felt disappointed in myself if it came to that, as I was really hoping for labour to start naturally. However, at the same time I want my baby to be safe. This only made me feel more determined to get this baby moving and I tried every 'old wives tale'  in the book.
Nothing happened, not even a twinge. So Friday came and I thought, oh well I will have to be induced then. Knowing my luck. My husband and I went out for a last 'just us' meal and discussed what's going to happen on Monday morning at the induction. For the rest of the evening I didn't think much of it and decided to just enjoy the last weekend as parents to be.

1:30am - Saturday 8th April
I woke up with slight twinges in my stomach. It didn't hurt but felt uncomfortable enough to not go back to sleep. I thought this must be it and headed on down to the lounge to bounce on my gym ball, I didn't want the contractions to fade away. An hour later my hubby Jon came down and sat with me, but eventually fell asleep on the couch.
I watched the sunrise as contractions became a little bit stronger.

I was in the garden as it was already warm. I thought it must be me as I became sweaty inside the house, though it turned into the hottest weekend of the year. I breathed through each contraction, which came every fifteen to twenty minutes. I bet the neighbours thought I was crazy as I was kneeling over the wall of our raised flower bed doing my breathing techniques and bracing myself with each contraction.

I stayed outside most of the morning and the contractions stayed the same. But I was wanting to know how far gone I was, So Jon rang the delivery ward and they said to pop in for an examination. By this point, when a contraction came it hurt to sit and lay down. The need to stand was adamant so I had to brace myself as Jon drove us the short distance to the hospital.

I didn't have to wait long before I got to see an on duty midwife. Which was great as it was 20 degrees outside and not much cooler inside. The midwife explained what she was going to do. Basically monitor babies heartbeat, check my pulse and then examine me to see how far dilated I was. Unfortunately I was only 2cm dilated. Luckily I got to go home as I requested to be at home as much as possible in my birth plan. The midwife told me to have hot baths as this will help with the pain and to go up and down the stairs sideways. At this point I wished it wasn't so damn hot. But the bath sounded soothing and as soon as I got home I got ran a bath and stayed there for two hours.

Contractions werestarting to become quite painful now and so intense that I could not bare to eat or drink. However, Jon managed to encouraged me to drink water. Right now, I was on all fours in the lounge and hugging my gym ball because it was so comfy and helped a tiny bit to ease the pain. I also found pushing against the wall in an almost standing push up helped as well.

At this point my two other pain relieving methods were starting not to work. The congratulations we're starting to become regular but not enough to warrant going into the hospital. I managed to sit on the edge of the

sofa, ready to jump up and brace myself against the wall when a contraction came. It was now that I felt a massive pop and the feeling of pressure being released. My plug had finally come away, which was good as it indicated things were starting to move along.

I headed up for another bath and Jon helped pour hot water over my bump as I felt it eased the pain. My contractions were so painful I was now groaning. I stayed in the bath until 1:00am Jon rang the hospital again as I was in absolute agony and they could hear how much pain I was in from the phone.

1:30am - Sunday 9th April
Exactly 12 hours since my last examination. I w
as once again strapped up to a heart rate machine, checking babies heartbeat and my contractions. I was examined and was only 1cm dilated. I felt a little disappointed considering how much

pain I was in, I thought I would be further along. So the midwife sent us home after I took some pain relief. I was told to try and rest and to come back at 6:30am if pain continues and nothing has happened.
Believe it or not I actually got a few hours sleep.

I shot out of bed as a huge contractions woke me up. I never felt pain like it, I couldn't lay down or sit. So I paced around my unborn babies nursery and the bathroom. It wasn't long before I was crying like a child from the pain and so loudly that I woke Jon who rang the hospital and they told us to come in. By this time it was 6:15am I was glad.

I cried the 3 miles to hospital. I was hoping I got to stay in and have stronger pain relief and not get sent home with some codine. As soon as I got to hospital I was examined and finally I reached 5cm dilated. I was a bit down hearted by this but I was also happy as now I was allowed to stay and head into our labour suite.


I asked for a birth pool before I came in and luckily there was one free. Though I didn't get into it until 9am. I was greeted by a midwife who will be looking after me and the baby. Her name is Sonia and she was the nicest person I had ever met and She made me feel comfortable.

 Sonia started running the birthing pool, making sure it was warm and she hooked me up to gas and air as soon as I entered the pool. I was so happy and suddenly felt normal as the pain relief kicked in. Sonia checked babies heartbeat who was still happy in there.

I was in the pool for a fair while until my waters suddenly broke, it was such a strange sensation like a huge bubble bursting down there.
Unfortunately my waters had meconium in the water (baby poop) and I had to get out and my wish of having a water birth came to an abrupt end. I didn't mind, all I wanted was a safe labour for myself and baby. Sonia made me comfy in bed and I was hooked up to a heartbeat monitor and gas and air.
I was also really dehydrated from not drinking or eating properly since Friday night and the gas and air wasn't helping so I had to be put on a drip and have fluids pumped into me.

Nothing much was really happening at this point, apart from becoming really relaxed from the gas and air. I was examined again for any signs of progress. I was 6cm dilated. Sonia wasn't pleased by the amount of time which had passed and I only dilated 1cm so she explained what was to happen now. Basically, I had to have a oxytocin put in drip which helps speeds up dilation and softens the cervix. The only draw back was the contractions will be stronger and wow, she wasn't wrong.

The pain was immense! So much so, I felt like the gas and air weren't doing much. Jon couldn't bare seeing me in so much pain and ran the idea of maybe having an epidural. I totally forgot about this option. Jon was really encouraging and told me I was still a good mum even if I did have it and to not feel guilty. Which I didn't and as soon as he stopped talking, I agreed and told the midwife who said it was a good idea and in less than half an hour I was given an epidural. No regrets here.

The pain dulled immediately for a while and I was able to rest and recuperate. The midwife said I will be examined again at three thirty to see if the hormone IV was working and she will be back as it was her lunch time.

The pain had eased right down but was now replaced by an uncomfortable pressure in my bum. So much pressure that I told another midwife who was looking after me that I needed the loo. She said I didn't because it was the
baby who was creating the pressure down there. This was a good thing as it showed the baby making a move.

I was finally examined for the last time unbeknown to me. But it wasn't great. I was now only 7cm dilated. The hormone IV wasn't doing much to help me dilate quicker. My midwife was also concerned for the baby as she thought she could feel swelling of it's head so she went to get another midwifes opinion.

I had a few midwives in my room by this point who suggested a possible c section. The surgeon in
charge came in then, I had met her the day before. She examined me again and said it would be safer for the baby if we had a c section as it was getting stressed because they were stuck in my pelvis because it's small. By this point I just wanted my baby out and I really didn't care how it came out. I agreed and I signed a consent form and in minutes I was being wheeled into theatre.

I was pretty much on the operating table ready and waiting. The anesthetiser made sure I could feel nothing from the waist down and once he was happy I couldn't feel a thing then the operation went ahead. I remember feeling nervous that I was soon to meet my baby and thinking, wow apart from the anesthetiser everyone was female. Which was great. Anyway, I couldn't feel a thing not even tugging. However, they were really rough as the baby had also gotten their shoulder stuck in my pelvis as well.

I heard our baby cry and I immediately relaxed. Jon quickly asked if I had any idea of the gender before we were told. I quickly said boy just as they showed the baby to Jon.
I was right, Jon told me before he went to cut the umbilical cord. At this moment I felt a ton of emotion run through me all at once. I felt relieved he was here and safe. I could hear him crying as they cleaned and weighed him. I couldn't wait to hold him.


Zachary was born on the 9th April and weighed 9Ibs 4oz I couldn't believe he was here and I still can't. It wasn't the perfect labour to go with the textbook pregnancy. But I think I would do it again, now that I've forgotten the pain.


Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash - Review

Hey guys, this month I haven't got a monthly faves post for you as I haven't really brought much. However, I do have a review! 

I purchased Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Gel after seeing a ton ads for it on Youtube. 

I love Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water and have used nothing else to remove my makeup with for almost two years! It easily and quickly removes my makeup, even waterproof mascara instantly. So, upon finding out they were releasing a cleansing gel, I immediately ran (well, almost) to boots who had it on offer at £2.66 (rrp £3.99) Bargain!!

The packaging is similar to the micellar water bottle but not as wide in depth. The design is simple and clear and can easily be stored away in a cupboard or draw without taking up too much room.

The 'How to use' instructions on the back are easy to follow. I decided to use two pumps of the gel to determine how much product I would need to use to take my makeup off with. The gels consistency is perfect, not thick and not thin and foams up super quick. I applied to a wet face and began to massage in gentle circular motions around my face before going ahead and putting it on my eyes. I used a waterproof mascara to see how easily the micellar gel can get rid of it.

I know this may sound mad. But, whilst using the product I felt my skin being deeply cleansed. It felt refreshing and more so than using the micellar water. Once I was satisfied that the makeup had been lifted, I went ahead and rinsed my face. 

I was expecting to cleanse once more. However, when drying my face with a white towel no makeup transferred. I looked in the mirror and the makeup had gone! No panda eyes in sight, no smudges or residue. Plus, my skin felt soft and looked refreshed. 

I have been using the micellar gel for a month now and I have literally cracked open a new bottle today. I am so impressed with this product. My face hasn't dried out or looked dull. You only need one or two pumps of product to remove the makeup. Which helps my purse strings. I haven't looked back since using this product and I would highly recommend you try it, if you haven't already. I wouldn't be without it.

Thanks for reading. Have you tried the cleansing gel wash?

Love Jenni x 


Monday, 3 April 2017

What's In My Hospital Bag

As promised, I have written a What's In My Hospital Bag. Now, unlike my newborns bag I found packing my bag real tough. I spent ages asking friends, reading blogs and watching Youtube videos on what to take to the hospital.

Eventually, I managed and had to stop myself from packing everything a few times, before feeling happy about what I'm taking. The bag I used is not that glam or girly, but it works for me. Low and behold my husbands Nike gym bag ( I cleaned it before packing). It's the perfect size, with lots of compartments for easy use.

What's in the bag?


1 Nightie - If I can't have a pool birth, then I will wear this to give birth in.

2 Sets of PJ's - These are for after birth. I prefer PJ's to nighties to sleep and relax in.

Dressing Gown - I love wearing my dressing gown, it's almost like my comforter. I needed a new one anyway so I brought a thin robe not that long ago. Since, the hospital might be warm. It'll also be easier to breastfeed in and perfect for spring/summer wear. 

Socks - My feet get cold easily

Slippers - I love wearing slippers around my house, the hospital is no exception. Plus if I want to go for a walk around or just going to the toilet I can wear something to easily slip on.

Flip Flops - For showering in, I hate my bare feet touching the floor of a shared bathroom. I know they clean every so often, but It still grosses me out.  I wear these when I go swimming for afterwards. 

Tankini Top - I plan on having a pool birth. I would feel more comfy wearing a tankini, but each to their own. You can go in naked if you like. 

2 Nursing Bras - For after birth, they are really comfy.

Going Home Outfit - I chose jeggings and a stretchy nursing top with a cardigan and some slip on shoes for ease and comfort. 

Joggers - To relax in and I might wear these home instead of the jeggings. 

Black Knickers - Do I need to explain? Black or dark colours because you bleed alot afterwards.

Disposable Knickers - For after birth.


Maternity Pads - For after birth.

Paracetamol - For after pains and so I'm not waiting ages for the medication round.

Lip Balm - I want to use the gas and air for pain relief during birth, this can dry your lips out.

Hair Ties - So I have the option to tie my long hair up.

Toothpaste and Brush - Because it's a given

Breast Pads - Because of leaky boobs.

Deodrant - I chose a unscented one so baby doesn't get sick of smelling florals when breastfeeding. 

I picked up travel size toiletries so they don't take up much room in the bag. 

Body wash - I would like to shower after birth. 

Shampoo and Conditioner - I have the option to wash my hair. 

Cleanser - To keep my face clean and refreshed. Also depending on time of day I give birth I may still have makeup on. I use Garnier's Michchelle water.

Moistuiser - Depending on the hospital my skin can go dry quickly.

Flannel - To wash with.

Nappy Bags - For dirty nappies, dirty baby clothes and wet clothes. 

Cotten Wool - For the Cleanser. 

Makeup - I'm only taking a few products just to make me feel better afterwards. I'm taking Concealer, Foundation, Powder, blusher, eyebrow powder and mascara. 

Hairbrush - I've packed my tangle teezer to save room. 


Dextrose Energy Tablets - If I need an energy boost between contractions and pushing. 

Sweeties - For me to snack on during labor 

Snacks - Mainly to keep my husband fed. 

Pillow - Because hospital pillows are awful. 

Contraction App - To keep track of my contractions.

And that is all I'm taking. Again I hope this has helped some of you decide what to pack. If anyone has any other suggestions or items to take then just pop them in the comment below. 

Thank you so much for reading. See you again soon!

Love Jenni x 


Thursday, 30 March 2017

What's In My Newborns Hospital Bag

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. Today I wanted to share with you all the things I have packed for my newborns hospital bag.

I've had my bags packed for almost eight weeks! I'm so excited that I couldn't wait. Also, babies sometimes, can just suddenly decide to come without any notice. I'm actually two days overdue as I type this out, and I thought this sort of post may help someone who doesn't know what to pack. I can tell you

What's In My Newborns Hospital Bag

I didn't have to look far for a hospital bag. My husband brought me a Cath Kidston weekend away bag a couple of years ago and I've hardly used it. It's perfect. Not too big and not tiny either. I also think, it's gender neutral, since I'm having a surprise. 

What's in the bag?

4 sleepsuits - All in ones so it's easy to put on and change. Also, one of them will be its going home outfit.

4 vests - I've added these just incase of any major 'accidents' also I don't know how warm the hospital will be.

1 Cardigan - I absolutley adore this Winnie The Pooh cardigan. This is part of the going home outfit. 

2 Muslin sheets - I intend to exclusively breastfeed and these would be perfect for a cover up, or to wipe away any vomit or spillages. 

2 baby hats - One to wear in hospital and one to leave in

1 Cellular Blanket - this is perfect for regulating baby's temperature. Plus the hospital blankets aren't as soft as this one. 

1 swaddle blanket - Baby will be swaddled in this once born to keep them feeling safe and content. 

1 snuggle blanket - This blanket is tiny and is more of a comforting blanket. I brought this to announce my pregnancy to my husband, so it's special. 

1 Soother - I hope I don't have to use these. But, I brought one just incase. Helps to calm and soothe baby

20 Nappies - I have no idea how long I will be in hospital for. But I do know that I will be there for at least 1 night.

Barrier Cream - Just in case.

Carseat - which is installed and ready to go!

I really had to hold myself back from adding a ton of other things. I plan to be in hospital for a maximum of one night. But who knows? Also, I literally live five minutes away. So, if I do need more things for baby then I can send my husband home for it. 

I hope this has helped anyone who is stuck on what to pack for their newborns hospital bag. I will be doing a post  for what's in my hospital bag, I hope to get that up in a couple of days.

Thanks so much for reading. See you soon

Love Jenni x 

Friday, 24 March 2017

Pregnancy Update - The Final Countdown

It's the final countdown! I can't believe my first pregnancy will be over soon (fingers crossed). It makes me quite emotional as I have loved being pregnant, and I will miss my bump and feeling baby move. Equally, i'm excited to meet them and finally know the gender.

This is the last pregnancy update, so I hope you enjoy it. I am now 39 weeks and 3 days. Bump is due on Tuesday 28th March! Which is only days away now. I hope they don't keep us waiting too long.

So, how has the last couple of months been? I last updated in January and to be honest, apart from my growing bump nothing has changed much. I began my maternity leave last month and by the end of the first week, I noticed my skin had becomes extremely itchy and blotchy. I headed over to my GP, and they told me it was a skin condition called PUPPP which occurs during pregnancy and goes away after baby is born. At this moment I thought, great I have six weeks left and by the time baby comes I will probably have no skin left. My GP told me to take allergy tablets and prescribed me the smallest tube of cream (30g) which should last seven days and to use twice a day. Well, my itchiness was all over my body so that lasted fours days. Thankfully, he said Aloe Vera Gel works and so I  decided to give that a go. Low and behold it cleared my red, blotchy skin and soothed and got rid of my itchiness. Now my skin is back to normal yay!

Another thing I noticed is the distance I can walk. I am a big walker, I love it and I walk everywhere! Until about four weeks ago. Nothing hurts when I walk, but the weight I am carrying makes it harder to walk for miles. I can only do a mile before I have to stop and rest. This has been quite frustrating for me as I love walking so much and to only do a short distance at the moment is upsetting.

Other than those two factors, everything has been good. My midwife is happy with my weight (thank goodness), as I haven't been the most healthiest during the past 9 months, I haven't even put on a stone (I'm not sure how I haven't).

Right now baby is the size of a watermelon and is almost 20inches from crown to heel. Room inside my womb is limiting now, and I can feel every movement the baby is making. I'm also experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions every now and again, which feels just like period pains but  doesn't hurt.

Best moment this week? Meeting up with my antenatal class mums, who I haven't seen since November. Also, hubby surprised me by taking me to see Beauty and the Beast last Friday.

Worst Moment This Week? The boiler stopped working and we thought we would have to buy a new one. Considering out Fridge/freezer packed up a few weeks ago and we had to buy a new one. Luckily, it's ok and it was only the gas meter that packed up.

Food Cravings? None. All of the cravings I've been having in the past have gone.

Miss Anything? Being able to walk more than a mile without stopping.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope

Gender: I still don't know.

Symptoms: Occasional Braxton Hicks.

Happy or moody most of the time? Happy!!

Well, that's it guys. I just want to thank you for reading my pregnancy updates and also for your sweet comments and tweets to see how I'm doing. I greatly appreciate it. Now the next update will be when baby is here!
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Monday, 20 March 2017

My Maternity Morning Routine

I am one of those weird people who love mornings. Yes you read that right, I like getting up early and starting my day. So, it's never a problem for me to get out of bed. Especially now, that I am 35 weeks pregnant and my baby technically keeps kicking me until I get out of the comfort of my duvet. 

My typical morning...

6:30 - This is when my alarm will go off. I will hit the snooze button once, to wake up and actually act like a tortoise on it's shell as I try and roll myself out of bed and head to the bathroom. 

6:40 - I generally don't spend very long in the shower. All I do is wash my hair, this month i'm using Aussie. I've ran out of conditioner which will go onto my shopping list for today. Next, I wash my body. I always use as it lathers up easily and smells gorgeous. Some days I exfoliate my face using   and this stuff seriously makes my face feel smooth and fresh.

6:55 - Next I smother my face in Good Things Daily moisturiser, this is featured in my February monthly favourites. Then I moisturise my body with Aloe Vera. This stuff really makes yours skin feel soft and stops me itching my skin. Doing all this moisturising takes up about 10 - 15 minutes as I have a lot of body at the moment.

7:10 - While the moisturiser is drying I dry my hair. I generally leave it down, but at the moment I'm wearing it up a lot as it's really long and needs a bloody good cut!

7:20 - Next up I do my make up. This usually take me 20 minutes max as I like to keep it simple and minimal.

7:40 - After all that, I will get dressed. I don't tend to plan my outfits the night before, I just think about what i'm going to wear while doing my make up. Usually it's jeans or dungarees with a top and jumper or cardigan over the top. I have to keep comfy while i'm pregnant. 

8:00 - Now that I'm ready, I head downstairs and make me some breakfast.

That generally sums up my typical morning routine. Somedays I will do pregnancy yoga or aerobics first thing, when I wake up.

What's your morning routine like?

Love Jenni x


Monday, 6 March 2017

February Favourites

It's March! What? How? It doesn't seem like five minutes have past since we were celebrating the New Year and getting over Christmas. Nevertheless, here is my first monthly favourites of 2017.


Younique Liquid Foundation Brush
This brush is different to what I have used to apply my foundation. Normally I just use my beauty blender and be done with it. I have seen most of my friends rave about this brush, so I decided to bite the bullet and try it.

It is the best brush I have ever used for foundation ( I have used a lot of brushes in the past ). The bristles are soft, yet sturdy which helps blend the foundation really well. You don't get the appearance of brush strokes over your face when finished. I absolutely love applying my foundation with this.

Good Things Manuka Honey Daily Moisturiser
Last Month my skin became really dry and irritated. Which is unusual for me as I have oily skin and only use mattifying moisturiser, I guess the pregnancy and it being winter has changed that for me.

This product jumped out at me when I first went to see which moisturiser to get. The bright yellow and orange text made me pick it up. I was intrigued to learn that, as well as it providing deep skin hydration (which was a seller for me), that it has intense moisturising properties of royal jelly and beeswax. From this point, I have never used royal jelly or beeswax products on my face and I thought I would give it ago.

I was so surprised and pleased with this moisturiser. It sorted my poorly skin out in less than a week. The soreness around my nose, lips and eyes vanished within a few days and the less tightness feeling of my skin soon disappeared a couple of days later. It feels so creamy and cooling when I apply it. Plus, my skin looks so much better. I wish I took a before and after picture.

I use it both at night after I cleanse my face and in the morning before makeup. I love it and have added it to my maternity hospital bag.

Burt's Bees Lip Balm 'Ultra Conditioning'
Following on with the beeswax theme. I picked this up at the same time as the Good Things Moisturiser. I have used Burt's Bees products before and I know the lip balm is fantastic at getting rid of dry, chapped lips. I used it last year and it made my lips look and feel great. 


Bennetts Nipple Cream
Warning TMI!  Since Christmas my nipples have become so itchy and to a point where I am scratching the hell out of them and the rest of my breasts. Unfortunately, Burt's Bees nourishing oil wasn't keeping it at bay long enough in the day. So, when I was food shopping at my local supermarket I spotted an offer on this brand of nipple cream. 

I haven't tried any other nipple cream before, but omg! For £2.71 (at the time), this works a treat. As soon as I applied it when I got home, the itchiness stopped instantly! I was impressed. Now, I am the type of person that when I scratch my skin, I will not stop until the itchiness stops and that it usually when I have cut myself by accident. So, I had a couple of grazes and 'healing' cuts on my breasts. After a week of using this cream, my scratches had healed and gone away. Not bad for £3.49! 

I use this daily or whenever I feel itchiness. It's so good and you don't need to use alot. It's fragrance and colour free and you don't have to wipe it off prior to breastfeeding.

Aloe Vera Gel
In the past couple of weeks, I've developed a skin condition called PUPPP. Doctors don't really know what it is, or what causes your skin to develop something that looks like hives and is incrediablly itchy. My doctor prescribe me some allergy tablets and cream. He also mentioned to use Aloe Vera as it's safe to use during Pregancy.

I brought 100% Aloe Vera Gel from Holland and Barrett. It's amazing! I keep it in the fridge as it chills my skin and stops me from scratching. I've also got a little bit of dry skin on my face and I tend to put this on at night. I can't recommend this stuff enough. It's a little pricey but totally worth it for what I need it for. 


This past month I have been loving...

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I have been watching these fab people...

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And that rounds up this months favourites! I hope you enjoyed reading what I have been loving.

Which blogs/Youtube channels have you been loving?

Love Jenni x


Monday, 27 February 2017

Things To Do Before Baby Arrives

It's so exciting waiting for the arrival of your baby. I know this because, I'm currently waiting for the next 8 weeks to hurry up so that I can finally meet my little bundle of joy. 

Over the past seven months people have shared their opinions and advice with me. Some were helpful, others were not. I've had more people tell me that I will never sleep again or enjoy 'me' time. The baby will cry constantly and that I will be at my wits end. 

I just roll my eyes at these people. Sure, I may not get as much sleep as I used to and of course, I won't be able to just pop out to the shops when I want. Because, as a new mum to be that's the sacrifice I have made. So, it got me thinking, to enjoy the last couple of months before baby and to do more of the things 'I and my husband' enjoy before thinking of the needs of my little one. 

Things to do before baby arrives...

As I mentioned above you may loose sleep. I'm generally an early bird, always have been up until this pregnancy and I have been sleeping for longer than i'm use to. Sleep is so important, it helps the body to function properly during the day. It helps your brain to switch off and not to burnout, also at this time it's helping your baby to grow and function for the outside world. So, right now i'm making the most of my time in bed.

Going out to eat
I'm being realistic about this. I don't see my husband and I going out to restaurants or pubs in the months after the birth for a quick lunch or dinner. This includes my trips to Costa Coffee.  Well, not as much as we have been or I would like. It's important to do a lot of things with just the two of you, or just you. Once baby is here, it will become a luxury to do things without baby around. I'm not saying to go out and eat everyday but just enjoy the 'couple' time before 'family' time.

Me Time
This is similar to going out to eat. Enjoy going shopping or getting pampered at your local spa/salon without taking baby. Even having a relaxing bath and doing your makeup 'on point', or even actually putting makeup on and doing your hair. In the past I was like, I will have time once baby is here to do my makeup and hair everyday. Now, I've comes to realise that may not be the case. Even sitting down for a good while and read a book without being interrupted will be a luxury when little one is here. So, enjoy the 'me' time while it lasts and if you are able to do makeup and hair everyday once baby is here, it's a bonus!

Right now, I'm only looking out for me. As long as I'm safe and happy, my unborn baby is safe and happy. I don't have to remember to take them everywhere with me, when I go out to the shops, yet. I'm my own person and all I have to think about right now, is to not eat that pate in the fridge or overdose on caffeinated drinks, or take an array of medicines, a pharmacy would be proud of for this silly cold I caught. 

With all that said, just enjoy your pregnancy (if you can). Every baby is different and don't listen to those who give negative advice. 

Do you have any suggestions for things to do before baby arrives? Post in comments.

Love Jenni x



Thursday, 12 January 2017

Pregnancy Update

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas break and celebrated the new year in style.  I have been so busy over the Christmas break, with work and other things. However, now that Christmas is out of the way, I can get back on track with my blog.

So this week I am combining weeks 24, 25 and 26 of my pregnancy...

What happened this week? The past two weeks baby has become more active. Last week I actually saw the baby kick out and all I could think of was the scene in Alien. I can say I freaked a little before laughing at my stupid thoughts. Also last week my hormones had the better of me and I have been quite teary and emotional.

How far along? As I write this I am coming to the end of 26 weeks

How big is baby? Week 24 - 30cm from head to toe 600g Week 25 - 33cm and weighs 660g Week 26 - 35.6cm and weighs 760g

Stretch marks? Yes an they are long and on my lower stomach. No new ones.

Sleep: Sleep has been on and off the last couple of weeks. Or I have slept but felt it not enough.

Best moment this week: Actually seeing my stomach move and jolt when baby moves. And handing in my maternity notice at work. Roll on 13th Feb.

Worst Moment This Week: Having my Glucose Tolerance Test

Food Cravings: Cheese, especially dairylea triangles. Also twiglets and chocolate together. Yeah I'm weird.

Miss anything? Having time to sort everything out for Christmas and baby because of work.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope

Gender: Don’t know

Symptoms: Tiredness. Peeing a lot more now and still sneezing. Also having acid reflux.

Belly button in or out? In

Happy or moody most of the time? Happy on my days off, but more emotional.

Thanks for reading my pregnancy updates. If there are any questions you have just ask in the comments below.

Love Jenni x

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