Monday, 27 February 2017

Things To Do Before Baby Arrives

It's so exciting waiting for the arrival of your baby. I know this because, I'm currently waiting for the next 8 weeks to hurry up so that I can finally meet my little bundle of joy. 

Over the past seven months people have shared their opinions and advice with me. Some were helpful, others were not. I've had more people tell me that I will never sleep again or enjoy 'me' time. The baby will cry constantly and that I will be at my wits end. 

I just roll my eyes at these people. Sure, I may not get as much sleep as I used to and of course, I won't be able to just pop out to the shops when I want. Because, as a new mum to be that's the sacrifice I have made. So, it got me thinking, to enjoy the last couple of months before baby and to do more of the things 'I and my husband' enjoy before thinking of the needs of my little one. 

Things to do before baby arrives...

As I mentioned above you may loose sleep. I'm generally an early bird, always have been up until this pregnancy and I have been sleeping for longer than i'm use to. Sleep is so important, it helps the body to function properly during the day. It helps your brain to switch off and not to burnout, also at this time it's helping your baby to grow and function for the outside world. So, right now i'm making the most of my time in bed.

Going out to eat
I'm being realistic about this. I don't see my husband and I going out to restaurants or pubs in the months after the birth for a quick lunch or dinner. This includes my trips to Costa Coffee.  Well, not as much as we have been or I would like. It's important to do a lot of things with just the two of you, or just you. Once baby is here, it will become a luxury to do things without baby around. I'm not saying to go out and eat everyday but just enjoy the 'couple' time before 'family' time.

Me Time
This is similar to going out to eat. Enjoy going shopping or getting pampered at your local spa/salon without taking baby. Even having a relaxing bath and doing your makeup 'on point', or even actually putting makeup on and doing your hair. In the past I was like, I will have time once baby is here to do my makeup and hair everyday. Now, I've comes to realise that may not be the case. Even sitting down for a good while and read a book without being interrupted will be a luxury when little one is here. So, enjoy the 'me' time while it lasts and if you are able to do makeup and hair everyday once baby is here, it's a bonus!

Right now, I'm only looking out for me. As long as I'm safe and happy, my unborn baby is safe and happy. I don't have to remember to take them everywhere with me, when I go out to the shops, yet. I'm my own person and all I have to think about right now, is to not eat that pate in the fridge or overdose on caffeinated drinks, or take an array of medicines, a pharmacy would be proud of for this silly cold I caught. 

With all that said, just enjoy your pregnancy (if you can). Every baby is different and don't listen to those who give negative advice. 

Do you have any suggestions for things to do before baby arrives? Post in comments.

Love Jenni x


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