Monday, 6 March 2017

February Favourites

It's March! What? How? It doesn't seem like five minutes have past since we were celebrating the New Year and getting over Christmas. Nevertheless, here is my first monthly favourites of 2017.


Younique Liquid Foundation Brush
This brush is different to what I have used to apply my foundation. Normally I just use my beauty blender and be done with it. I have seen most of my friends rave about this brush, so I decided to bite the bullet and try it.

It is the best brush I have ever used for foundation ( I have used a lot of brushes in the past ). The bristles are soft, yet sturdy which helps blend the foundation really well. You don't get the appearance of brush strokes over your face when finished. I absolutely love applying my foundation with this.

Good Things Manuka Honey Daily Moisturiser
Last Month my skin became really dry and irritated. Which is unusual for me as I have oily skin and only use mattifying moisturiser, I guess the pregnancy and it being winter has changed that for me.

This product jumped out at me when I first went to see which moisturiser to get. The bright yellow and orange text made me pick it up. I was intrigued to learn that, as well as it providing deep skin hydration (which was a seller for me), that it has intense moisturising properties of royal jelly and beeswax. From this point, I have never used royal jelly or beeswax products on my face and I thought I would give it ago.

I was so surprised and pleased with this moisturiser. It sorted my poorly skin out in less than a week. The soreness around my nose, lips and eyes vanished within a few days and the less tightness feeling of my skin soon disappeared a couple of days later. It feels so creamy and cooling when I apply it. Plus, my skin looks so much better. I wish I took a before and after picture.

I use it both at night after I cleanse my face and in the morning before makeup. I love it and have added it to my maternity hospital bag.

Burt's Bees Lip Balm 'Ultra Conditioning'
Following on with the beeswax theme. I picked this up at the same time as the Good Things Moisturiser. I have used Burt's Bees products before and I know the lip balm is fantastic at getting rid of dry, chapped lips. I used it last year and it made my lips look and feel great. 


Bennetts Nipple Cream
Warning TMI!  Since Christmas my nipples have become so itchy and to a point where I am scratching the hell out of them and the rest of my breasts. Unfortunately, Burt's Bees nourishing oil wasn't keeping it at bay long enough in the day. So, when I was food shopping at my local supermarket I spotted an offer on this brand of nipple cream. 

I haven't tried any other nipple cream before, but omg! For £2.71 (at the time), this works a treat. As soon as I applied it when I got home, the itchiness stopped instantly! I was impressed. Now, I am the type of person that when I scratch my skin, I will not stop until the itchiness stops and that it usually when I have cut myself by accident. So, I had a couple of grazes and 'healing' cuts on my breasts. After a week of using this cream, my scratches had healed and gone away. Not bad for £3.49! 

I use this daily or whenever I feel itchiness. It's so good and you don't need to use alot. It's fragrance and colour free and you don't have to wipe it off prior to breastfeeding.

Aloe Vera Gel
In the past couple of weeks, I've developed a skin condition called PUPPP. Doctors don't really know what it is, or what causes your skin to develop something that looks like hives and is incrediablly itchy. My doctor prescribe me some allergy tablets and cream. He also mentioned to use Aloe Vera as it's safe to use during Pregancy.

I brought 100% Aloe Vera Gel from Holland and Barrett. It's amazing! I keep it in the fridge as it chills my skin and stops me from scratching. I've also got a little bit of dry skin on my face and I tend to put this on at night. I can't recommend this stuff enough. It's a little pricey but totally worth it for what I need it for. 


This past month I have been loving...

This Mama Life - Parenting, Fashion, Lifestyle

Brogan Tate - Beauty, lifestyle, travel and Disney

The Elle Next Door - Fashion/Personal Style, Beauty, Lifestyle, Travel and Food


I have been watching these fab people...

Emily Norris - Pregnancy, Parenting, Day in the life vlogs, Lifestyle

This Mama Life - Pregnancy, Parenting, Fashion, Beauty

Just Jodes - Daily Vlogs, Beauty, Lifestyle

Brogan Tate - (Always be my fave) - Weekly Vlogs, Beauty, Disney, Travel

Pop Rocks Mama - Pregnancy, Parenting, Lifestyle and more

And that rounds up this months favourites! I hope you enjoyed reading what I have been loving.

Which blogs/Youtube channels have you been loving?

Love Jenni x



  1. Hi Jenni! Shannon here.

    I really have to look into this Aloe Vera Gel! I don't have pupp, but I do suffer from itchy skin on the top of my pregnancy belly due to it stretching. I've tried everything and its been such a hit and miss with things. I'm going to look into that Aloe Vera Gel for sure. Hope it works!! Thanks hun!

    xx Shannon /

    1. Aloe Vera Gel is amazing and worked for me. Hope it does for you too. Thanks for reading :) x


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