Monday, 3 April 2017

What's In My Hospital Bag

As promised, I have written a What's In My Hospital Bag. Now, unlike my newborns bag I found packing my bag real tough. I spent ages asking friends, reading blogs and watching Youtube videos on what to take to the hospital.

Eventually, I managed and had to stop myself from packing everything a few times, before feeling happy about what I'm taking. The bag I used is not that glam or girly, but it works for me. Low and behold my husbands Nike gym bag ( I cleaned it before packing). It's the perfect size, with lots of compartments for easy use.

What's in the bag?


1 Nightie - If I can't have a pool birth, then I will wear this to give birth in.

2 Sets of PJ's - These are for after birth. I prefer PJ's to nighties to sleep and relax in.

Dressing Gown - I love wearing my dressing gown, it's almost like my comforter. I needed a new one anyway so I brought a thin robe not that long ago. Since, the hospital might be warm. It'll also be easier to breastfeed in and perfect for spring/summer wear. 

Socks - My feet get cold easily

Slippers - I love wearing slippers around my house, the hospital is no exception. Plus if I want to go for a walk around or just going to the toilet I can wear something to easily slip on.

Flip Flops - For showering in, I hate my bare feet touching the floor of a shared bathroom. I know they clean every so often, but It still grosses me out.  I wear these when I go swimming for afterwards. 

Tankini Top - I plan on having a pool birth. I would feel more comfy wearing a tankini, but each to their own. You can go in naked if you like. 

2 Nursing Bras - For after birth, they are really comfy.

Going Home Outfit - I chose jeggings and a stretchy nursing top with a cardigan and some slip on shoes for ease and comfort. 

Joggers - To relax in and I might wear these home instead of the jeggings. 

Black Knickers - Do I need to explain? Black or dark colours because you bleed alot afterwards.

Disposable Knickers - For after birth.


Maternity Pads - For after birth.

Paracetamol - For after pains and so I'm not waiting ages for the medication round.

Lip Balm - I want to use the gas and air for pain relief during birth, this can dry your lips out.

Hair Ties - So I have the option to tie my long hair up.

Toothpaste and Brush - Because it's a given

Breast Pads - Because of leaky boobs.

Deodrant - I chose a unscented one so baby doesn't get sick of smelling florals when breastfeeding. 

I picked up travel size toiletries so they don't take up much room in the bag. 

Body wash - I would like to shower after birth. 

Shampoo and Conditioner - I have the option to wash my hair. 

Cleanser - To keep my face clean and refreshed. Also depending on time of day I give birth I may still have makeup on. I use Garnier's Michchelle water.

Moistuiser - Depending on the hospital my skin can go dry quickly.

Flannel - To wash with.

Nappy Bags - For dirty nappies, dirty baby clothes and wet clothes. 

Cotten Wool - For the Cleanser. 

Makeup - I'm only taking a few products just to make me feel better afterwards. I'm taking Concealer, Foundation, Powder, blusher, eyebrow powder and mascara. 

Hairbrush - I've packed my tangle teezer to save room. 


Dextrose Energy Tablets - If I need an energy boost between contractions and pushing. 

Sweeties - For me to snack on during labor 

Snacks - Mainly to keep my husband fed. 

Pillow - Because hospital pillows are awful. 

Contraction App - To keep track of my contractions.

And that is all I'm taking. Again I hope this has helped some of you decide what to pack. If anyone has any other suggestions or items to take then just pop them in the comment below. 

Thank you so much for reading. See you again soon!

Love Jenni x 


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