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My Labour Story

I often wondered throughout my pregnancy whether my baby would come early or late. A lot of people told me it will be late, as all first borns are. Well, I must be special as I was born 9 days early and I'm a first born. I hoped and prayed they would come on time or soon after the due date.
Well, my due date, 28th March came and went with no sign of baby whatsoever.

A week later, 4th April I had a midwife appointment, and she told me that if I don't go into labour by the end of the week, I was to be induced on Monday morning, 10th April. I felt disappointed in myself if it came to that, as I was really hoping for labour to start naturally. However, at the same time I want my baby to be safe. This only made me feel more determined to get this baby moving and I tried every 'old wives tale'  in the book.
Nothing happened, not even a twinge. So Friday came and I thought, oh well I will have to be induced then. Knowing my luck. My husband and I went out for a last 'just us' meal and discussed what's going to happen on Monday morning at the induction. For the rest of the evening I didn't think much of it and decided to just enjoy the last weekend as parents to be.

1:30am - Saturday 8th April
I woke up with slight twinges in my stomach. It didn't hurt but felt uncomfortable enough to not go back to sleep. I thought this must be it and headed on down to the lounge to bounce on my gym ball, I didn't want the contractions to fade away. An hour later my hubby Jon came down and sat with me, but eventually fell asleep on the couch.
I watched the sunrise as contractions became a little bit stronger.

I was in the garden as it was already warm. I thought it must be me as I became sweaty inside the house, though it turned into the hottest weekend of the year. I breathed through each contraction, which came every fifteen to twenty minutes. I bet the neighbours thought I was crazy as I was kneeling over the wall of our raised flower bed doing my breathing techniques and bracing myself with each contraction.

I stayed outside most of the morning and the contractions stayed the same. But I was wanting to know how far gone I was, So Jon rang the delivery ward and they said to pop in for an examination. By this point, when a contraction came it hurt to sit and lay down. The need to stand was adamant so I had to brace myself as Jon drove us the short distance to the hospital.

I didn't have to wait long before I got to see an on duty midwife. Which was great as it was 20 degrees outside and not much cooler inside. The midwife explained what she was going to do. Basically monitor babies heartbeat, check my pulse and then examine me to see how far dilated I was. Unfortunately I was only 2cm dilated. Luckily I got to go home as I requested to be at home as much as possible in my birth plan. The midwife told me to have hot baths as this will help with the pain and to go up and down the stairs sideways. At this point I wished it wasn't so damn hot. But the bath sounded soothing and as soon as I got home I got ran a bath and stayed there for two hours.

Contractions werestarting to become quite painful now and so intense that I could not bare to eat or drink. However, Jon managed to encouraged me to drink water. Right now, I was on all fours in the lounge and hugging my gym ball because it was so comfy and helped a tiny bit to ease the pain. I also found pushing against the wall in an almost standing push up helped as well.

At this point my two other pain relieving methods were starting not to work. The congratulations we're starting to become regular but not enough to warrant going into the hospital. I managed to sit on the edge of the

sofa, ready to jump up and brace myself against the wall when a contraction came. It was now that I felt a massive pop and the feeling of pressure being released. My plug had finally come away, which was good as it indicated things were starting to move along.

I headed up for another bath and Jon helped pour hot water over my bump as I felt it eased the pain. My contractions were so painful I was now groaning. I stayed in the bath until 1:00am Jon rang the hospital again as I was in absolute agony and they could hear how much pain I was in from the phone.

1:30am - Sunday 9th April
Exactly 12 hours since my last examination. I w
as once again strapped up to a heart rate machine, checking babies heartbeat and my contractions. I was examined and was only 1cm dilated. I felt a little disappointed considering how much

pain I was in, I thought I would be further along. So the midwife sent us home after I took some pain relief. I was told to try and rest and to come back at 6:30am if pain continues and nothing has happened.
Believe it or not I actually got a few hours sleep.

I shot out of bed as a huge contractions woke me up. I never felt pain like it, I couldn't lay down or sit. So I paced around my unborn babies nursery and the bathroom. It wasn't long before I was crying like a child from the pain and so loudly that I woke Jon who rang the hospital and they told us to come in. By this time it was 6:15am I was glad.

I cried the 3 miles to hospital. I was hoping I got to stay in and have stronger pain relief and not get sent home with some codine. As soon as I got to hospital I was examined and finally I reached 5cm dilated. I was a bit down hearted by this but I was also happy as now I was allowed to stay and head into our labour suite.


I asked for a birth pool before I came in and luckily there was one free. Though I didn't get into it until 9am. I was greeted by a midwife who will be looking after me and the baby. Her name is Sonia and she was the nicest person I had ever met and She made me feel comfortable.

 Sonia started running the birthing pool, making sure it was warm and she hooked me up to gas and air as soon as I entered the pool. I was so happy and suddenly felt normal as the pain relief kicked in. Sonia checked babies heartbeat who was still happy in there.

I was in the pool for a fair while until my waters suddenly broke, it was such a strange sensation like a huge bubble bursting down there.
Unfortunately my waters had meconium in the water (baby poop) and I had to get out and my wish of having a water birth came to an abrupt end. I didn't mind, all I wanted was a safe labour for myself and baby. Sonia made me comfy in bed and I was hooked up to a heartbeat monitor and gas and air.
I was also really dehydrated from not drinking or eating properly since Friday night and the gas and air wasn't helping so I had to be put on a drip and have fluids pumped into me.

Nothing much was really happening at this point, apart from becoming really relaxed from the gas and air. I was examined again for any signs of progress. I was 6cm dilated. Sonia wasn't pleased by the amount of time which had passed and I only dilated 1cm so she explained what was to happen now. Basically, I had to have a oxytocin put in drip which helps speeds up dilation and softens the cervix. The only draw back was the contractions will be stronger and wow, she wasn't wrong.

The pain was immense! So much so, I felt like the gas and air weren't doing much. Jon couldn't bare seeing me in so much pain and ran the idea of maybe having an epidural. I totally forgot about this option. Jon was really encouraging and told me I was still a good mum even if I did have it and to not feel guilty. Which I didn't and as soon as he stopped talking, I agreed and told the midwife who said it was a good idea and in less than half an hour I was given an epidural. No regrets here.

The pain dulled immediately for a while and I was able to rest and recuperate. The midwife said I will be examined again at three thirty to see if the hormone IV was working and she will be back as it was her lunch time.

The pain had eased right down but was now replaced by an uncomfortable pressure in my bum. So much pressure that I told another midwife who was looking after me that I needed the loo. She said I didn't because it was the
baby who was creating the pressure down there. This was a good thing as it showed the baby making a move.

I was finally examined for the last time unbeknown to me. But it wasn't great. I was now only 7cm dilated. The hormone IV wasn't doing much to help me dilate quicker. My midwife was also concerned for the baby as she thought she could feel swelling of it's head so she went to get another midwifes opinion.

I had a few midwives in my room by this point who suggested a possible c section. The surgeon in
charge came in then, I had met her the day before. She examined me again and said it would be safer for the baby if we had a c section as it was getting stressed because they were stuck in my pelvis because it's small. By this point I just wanted my baby out and I really didn't care how it came out. I agreed and I signed a consent form and in minutes I was being wheeled into theatre.

I was pretty much on the operating table ready and waiting. The anesthetiser made sure I could feel nothing from the waist down and once he was happy I couldn't feel a thing then the operation went ahead. I remember feeling nervous that I was soon to meet my baby and thinking, wow apart from the anesthetiser everyone was female. Which was great. Anyway, I couldn't feel a thing not even tugging. However, they were really rough as the baby had also gotten their shoulder stuck in my pelvis as well.

I heard our baby cry and I immediately relaxed. Jon quickly asked if I had any idea of the gender before we were told. I quickly said boy just as they showed the baby to Jon.
I was right, Jon told me before he went to cut the umbilical cord. At this moment I felt a ton of emotion run through me all at once. I felt relieved he was here and safe. I could hear him crying as they cleaned and weighed him. I couldn't wait to hold him.


Zachary was born on the 9th April and weighed 9Ibs 4oz I couldn't believe he was here and I still can't. It wasn't the perfect labour to go with the textbook pregnancy. But I think I would do it again, now that I've forgotten the pain.


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