Friday, 23 June 2017

Summer Bucket List

I have never done a bucket list. There I've said it. I don't know why I haven't done one before, but I keep seeing people write one and they look so interesting. I always thought it had to be things you wanted to do in your life time. Not necessarily, I've seen bucket lists on all topics from day to day, weeks, months, years and even seasons.

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So without further a do here is my Summer Bucket List...

Have An Epic BBQ

I have already started plans on this! It's on the 2nd July two days from my two - year wedding anniversary, so it's kind of like a mini party to bring everyone back together again. Especially now, that most of us now have babies.

I just need food ideas!

Get Fit

I just recently (10weeks ago) had a baby and I really want to get back in shape. Mainly so I can wear my summer clothes from last year and run around after my baby once he is walking and causing mischief. So far I have made it back to pre-pregnancy weight! Whoop whoop.

Strawberry Picking

This is an old favourite. I love Strawberries and picking and eating them is an experience and memory maker. I adored this activity during childhood. I haven't done this since and because I have been working all summer for the past 10 years, I never got the chance or time. Now that I'm on Maternity Leave, I will have the time to go! So excited.

Travel To Different Places

I love exploring and so going to places, especially towns and cities I've never been to, is definitely on my list. As I mentioned above, I now have the time for my little family to go and create memories.

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Become A Professional Blogger

I'm so excited to crack on with my blog. I have been blogging for over ten years, all on different platforms. I never knew you could make an income from it. Especially now I'm a new mum, I don't want to go back to work and pay the horrendously expensive childcare fees and gain nothing from it. Also my Son will need extra care as he has Cystic Fibrosis. I know it will take a lot longer to achieve than the summer. But if I start now then I will be a lot closer to ahieving my goal.

Go To The Beach

The last time I was on the beach was two years ago. In Portugal. For my honeymoon. I need to go back to the beach on a sunny and warm day with nice sand and a picnic with my family.

Now I Just need to plan these into my diary and tell my husband to book time off.

Love Jenni x



  1. Loved this post! Hope you get to tick these things off your bucket list!!

    Love, Melissa x

  2. Planning a bucket list for summer is always fun! Getting fit is on mine too, well not fit I guess healthier! I find summer easy drink wine on an evening when it's lovely out.

  3. All of the things on your summer bucket list are pretty awesome! Especially the BBQ. I miss summer BBQ's so much! My family used to do them often, but it feels like we haven't done a legit summer BBQ in a while.

    -Courtney (

  4. I have never thought about doing this sort of post, I will definitely agree with becoming a professional blogger- I would love to do this full time!

    sophia xo //

  5. These are great things to add to your bucket list! I especially love that you're trying to become a professional blogger as I would love to do that too! Xx

  6. I'm loving these summer bucket lists! Good luck on the professional blogger I'm sure you'll do great. I know another mum who does it if you'd like me to introduce you!

    Chloe x

  7. ah yes, strawberry picking makes me feel soooo nostalgic as i used to do it with my mum every summer. i'd love to find somewhere near me that still does it.

    ps. oh hell yes to bbq. who DOESN'T love a barbecue?!

    katie xx


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